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$2.00. It is fun. Before oiling, wipe it with paper towel or heat quickly with oil inside. Seasoning a Wok with the Stir-Fry Guru. Open the windows and turn on ventilation. Yahoo Walking You Through Seasoning a Wok Wok Seasoning. Fax: 1-415-982-2299 If you're interested in developing your stir-fry skills, join Wok Wednesdays, a group of wok enthusiasts who are cooking their way through The Breath of a Wok, winner of the IACP International Cookbook Award and the Jane Grigson Award for distinguished scholarship. Our goal is for you to be satisfied with our brand product.6. Wok Seasoning. This traditional carbon steel wok has to be seasoned before the first use.Keep the wok oiled after seasoning and later, to prevent rusting!Here's How:1. Thank you for purchasing our wok! by a street poet of America's most food-obsessed ethnic neighborhood. Reinsert the screws. 2. We will do our best to help you. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Over 11,000 students have taken this comprehensive class which covers the basics for stir-frying. Wash the wok in hot water with a small amount of liquid detergent and a scrubber (such as a stainless steel sponge or pad). For gas stoves: For electric stoves: Flaxseed Oil Bottle . Rinse the wok and quickly dry it thoroughly with paper towels. Recipes are posted twice a month. Another way is to use a barbecue basting brush for or any other heat-proof brush to brush on the oil.8. The wok is now ready to use.Tips and possible problems:1. If you like it, please leave us a good feedback and product review. Please call our store (between 10am and 6pm Pacific Time) at 888-780-7171 if you need assistance with your Wok Shop order. Phone: 1-415-989-3797 Move the wok, turning it and tilting it up to the rim and back, until the steel turns a blueish-yellowish color. The more you use your wok, the more seasoned it becomes. Develop Your Stir Fry Skills with WOK WEDNESDAYS These tours are a feeding of the mind We do not use any artificial materials. Be quick to prevent rusting at this point.4. Visit us at: b)  unscrew it; put small folded pieces of paper into the holes to tighten the connection. Keep the wok oiled after seasoning and later, to prevent rusting! If the wooden handle is loose or slack, this happens because of low humidity, compared to the place of manufacture. Welcome to The Wok Shop / Wok Seasoning. Enjoy a walking tour of Chinatown with Wok Wiz. For gas stoves: For electric stoves: Note: We suggest using flaxseed oil to season your wok. Add a thin film of oil (about 1 1/2 teaspoons) over the entire inside surface of the wok. Try this new healthy way to season your wok: This is the perfect way for wok newbies to get their stir-fry skills going and for more advanced wokkers to share their knowledge. Follow us: About us: About us … If needed, scrub the exterior of the wok with the scrubber and an abrasive cleanser.Do not use the abrasive cleanser on the inside of the wok.3. There will also be incredible wok-related giveaways. Keep the wok oiled at all times right after washing. Give the end of the handle a couple of firm hits with a hammer to seat the handle firmly into the sleeve. Watch this Weight Watchers Stir-Fry Guru video and learn to stir-fry for healthy, delicious meals and weight loss! Wokology 101 might answer a few questions and help you decide before purchasing your wok. Open 7 Days a Week Remove the wok from the stove. Prepare yourself. Toll Free: 1-888-780-7171 In the morning you should find handle properly fixed. c)  if previous options didn’t help, then unscrew it, twist the handle as hard as you can into the metal sleeve. San Francisco, CA 94108-2114 Otherwise it may rust very quickly! Here's How: 1. Enjoy more of Grace Young's wok cooking tips in the video: How to Stir Fry. Repeat steps 7 through 9 until no black residue comes off on the paper (about 3 times). 3. 718 Grant Avenue (between Sacramento & Clay Street) If needed, scrub the exterior of the wok with the scrubber and an abrasive cleanser. Do not use the abrasive cleanser on the inside of the wok. Gift Ideas surprise your cook! Email us if you have any questions, inquiries, or problems: Download PDF seasoning guide in your language: Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. These woks can be seasoned in an oven or on top of a burner. New Wok Site, The Wok Shop is located in San Francisco's Chinatown - we've been selling woks for over 40 years. But most of all, it's delicious. Using the techniques of old world China, passed down through our family, these woks are made and seasoned entirely by hand. It is history. Wok shopping? There are several ways to do this. Don't miss our video: Many videos about seasoning a carbon steel wok can be found on Youtube.5. Just use a screwdriver and they will thread into the wood.4. If your wok rusted, just season it again. Then screw it in again. https://schoolofwok.co.uk/tips-and-recipes/how-to-season-a-wok Heat the wok on medium-low heat for about 10 minutes.9. Please call our store (between 10am and 6pm Pacific Time) at 888-780-7171 if you need assistance with your Wok Shop order. There will be black residue on the towel.10. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. If you have any problems with the wok, please contact the seller or our customer support at our website. One is to use a paper towel to rub the oil over the surface. Apply thin oil covering with paper towels as well. The whole wok must change color.6. Place the wok on high heat. Anyone is welcome to join. It is art. A properly seasoned wok takes time and expertise to achieve perfect cooking properties. Remove rust first.3. That burner can be either a gas stove burner or a wok … Seasoning a wok introduces a layer of oil to the wok’s surface to prevent the metal from rusting, and also to prevent food from sticking to the wok.

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