what pencils do comic book artists use

Mechanical pencils use much thinner leads, usually anywhere from .3 to .9 mm lead. When the pencil pages were finished, they would get inked and then photographed. I have a bunch of these and I like to use them from time to time. This is why it’s called a “mechanical” pencil, because it has a mechanism inside that dispenses the lead in metered amounts. It’s as simple as that! Comic Art Community GALLERY OF COMIC ART. What is the best pencil for drawing comics? While you can use any lead grade you want, most artist use a 2H lead for layout since it is a harder but lighter colored lead and HB lead for finishes. The non-photo blue wouldn’t show up in the photographic process hence leaving behind the finished inks. Well yes, but mostly a resounding no! The best pencil is the one that makes the marks on the paper that you are happiest with. It also has a nice twist up eraser which is very convenient. It gives a nice dark line without being too smudgy. Pretty insane with the US release of Avengers: Age of Ultron and a little thing call FREE COMIC BOOK DAY ! Zebra Pen is actually the pen that is highly recommended for beginners. The Pentel SideFX is a thicker pencil to grip and has the button for dispensing lead on it’s side. If you wind up drawing for Marvel, DC or one of the other prominent companies and you can afford it, order a box or two. You can also get woodless pencils which are basically a pencil shaped piece of graphite wrapped in a plastic wrapper. You can find these type of pencils anywhere and usually a box of a dozen is fairly cheap. I have some hard lead and a bunch of soft lead for doing more tonal drawings. We’ll be back in a few days with a new installment, this time talking about the best How-To books for comic illustration. As for the lead you can find mechanical pencil lead in different sizes and grades of lead. Sturdy, simple and reliable. For artists, buying art supplies is a bit of a rush, especially when trying out new tools. Zebra Pen. I belong to several comic art facebook groups and this is probably one of the most asked questions I see. It’s a sturdy pencil and will last you years. Just remember if you go more towards the B’s–2B, 4B etc, the lead gets really soft and smudgy. Wealthy, that’s what I would be right now if I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen this question asked! This way there is not much of a transition between thick to thin drawing tools if your an artist that works in both traditional and digital media. A nice thing about lead holders is you can also get non-photo blue lead for them. Top brands, low prices & free shipping on many items. Like with the lead holders and mechanical pencils, I prefer to use these in 2H and HB but you can use other levels of lead hardness as well. The two I have are the Alvin ALP41 Rotary Lead Pointer and a 27 year old Alvin standard Lead Pointer which I don’t think they even make anymore, but this one just doesn’t die so I keep using it. Then they could neatly pencil over the blue guidelines they made and have the choice to pick the lines they wanted to accentuate in their drawings. The other type, which I prefer, looks like a small cup about the size of a paper bathroom cup. Some are small and look like traditional hand held pencil sharpeners but with much smaller holes for the lead to be put into for sharpening. Unlike lead holders, mechanical pencils push a predetermined amount of lead out for every click of the button on the top, or side of the pencil. It has a one inch knurled metal grip surface at the bottom of the pencil to help maintain a nice grip as your drawing. They are versatile, can take all different types of lead and they generally last a long time. So that about wraps it up for pencils. You really can’t go wrong with a lead holder. You just sharpen them and go, simple really. If you go more towards the B grades of lead, like you would get in a traditional drawing set, they tend to be softer and smudge easily, something you don’t want to do to your comic pages. There are other leads out there, so again find the ones you like, but you can’ t go wrong with Prismacolor. Here are some examples to get you started. Phew, what a week it's been! Like the lead holder, mechanical pencils are easy to use and come in various sizes depending on the thickness of the lead you want to use. The Sukura SumoGrip shown in .5 & .7mm are also thicker grip pencils. Any of these will go a long way in helping you become the artist you want to be. I like Derwent pencils, but you can get any brand really, it’s up to you. I’ve had mine for years, I’ve used it for drafting, graphic design, comic illustration, sketch cards, you name it. Wood and Woodless Pencils. I’m going to go through a few of the choices to point you in the right direction. If that’s what you like go for it. Non-photo blue lead was popular back in the day when reproduction technology wasn’t as advanced as what we have today. The only thing that is going to make you better at drawing comics is practice, practice and oh yeah…practice! Here is the Staedtler Mars Technico Lead Holder (780 C). An artist could pencil their pages loose and sloppy with non-photo blue lead. Sorry guys and gals, the Mjolnir of pencils does not exist! The lead holder usually comes with lead already in it, but typically you buy cartridges of different grades of lead that come 12 leads to a cartridge. Non-photo blue pencils are still in use today much in the same way they were years ago. Yes boys and girls you can actually be a successful comic artist using just standard looking pencils. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Sometimes we want to buy a bunch of stuff at once, and that is ok, but maybe pick up one of each type of pencil to see what works best for you. Though 2H and HB are commonly used, you can also find all grades of H through B leads. You then move the pencil in a circular motion to sharpen the lead. Hopefully this gave you enough information to get you going in the right direction.

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