what is the role of institutions in society

4. Every individual is assigned a role depending on which he can achieve and regulate his status. Societies have taken and will continue to take a direct and active role in initiating IDR programs (see Box 7-2). They provide a means to control society and people who constitute it. On the other hand, the role of business in society is an important aspect of leadership and not in conflict with profitability and economic growth. In particular, the sponsorship of interdisciplinary groups (such as biochemistry in a chemistry society or biogeochemistry in a geophysical society) may constitute a proving ground for new disciplines as they emerge. 1.5 Role of Library in Research: Supporting research is yet another important role of the library. The role of business in society is in fact the challenge of what is called “corporate social responsibility”. What is Social Institution? Is a social structures and social mechanisms of social order and cooperation that govern the behavior of its members. There are some major social institutions which have considerable impacts on the lives of the members of society, such as religion and education. They act as stimulants by giving the required freedom. Another role that universities may play is in the building of new institutions of civil society, in developing new cultural values, and in training and socializing people of new social era. They help to maintain the order in society. Is a group of social positions, connected by social relations, performing a social role. Any institution in a society that works to socialize the group of people in it. Moreover, institutions need to be rightly oriented, providing opportunities to poor and to people in general. In this paper focus will be on highlighting the role of universities in bringing out Economic, political, social and cultural transformation in the society from legal point of view as well. (The role of institutions for human development 2008.P5) In turn, capabilities are enlarged by institutions (Sen, 1985)." of institutions is guaranteed by the process of social evolution. Libraries attached to these institutions have the responsibility of stocking these types of library material and help these unfortunate persons use them and thus get them educated and rehabilitated in society. Values and social norms such as equality, solidarity and co-operation shape formal institutions and choices. In the context of the overall development of an individual, social institutions in a society play an important role. Functions of Institutions: They simplify the actions and work of the individual. These specific institutions and their possible integration can be viewed in the same way as immigrant organizations: they may become an accepted part of society on the same level as comparable institutions of native groups, or they may isolate themselves or remain unrecognized and excluded.

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