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been selected because they maximize inclusive fitness (van Schaik, 1989). USA Vol. groups are much less common (van Schaik and Kappeler, 1997). Primate colour predicts social status and aggressive outcome. In Kappeler, P, Hill, R. A., and Dunbar, R. I. M. (1998a). Sexual selection and mate choice. uct of social processes. nonhuman primates and other mammals: Evidence and theoretical implications. }��H�]�)xC–i�#\⒤@(3S'�zR�#5fK��t�9�����[D ���4��ld�a��1"b�n���-���j�J:�l�8伲�+�:�AWo\��� Striking ornaments of males with a potential function, in mate choice are widespread among primates (Dixson, 1998), but the few, existing studies have only suggested a function in intrasexual competition. The trees also reflect uncertainty about branch lengths. They exhibit interesting similarities in social organization to one another, and idiosyncracies in social structure and mating systems that differ from the, more familiar pattern of the few better-known Old W. 1994; Pereira, 1995; Pereira and Kappeler, 1997; Strier, 1996; Wright, 1997, and integration of the resulting insights into existing models is an important. However, mixed-feeding trajectories-from complementary feeding introduction to full weaning-vary widely across populations. Predation. Proc. The term solitary does not imply that they, do not maintain social relationships or lack complex social networks; these. social organization; mating system; social structure; social relationships; sexual, Department of Biological Anthropology and Anatomy, Duke University, ., 2000). Using a broad compar, ative approach holds the potential to identify and to measure the actual. Prosimian solitary foragers either avoid pre… @���^>��+ �6M3�G?�{4_m};|��� specific social system, such as male herding of females (Colmenares, 1992; Nagel, 1973; Sugawara, 1988), indicating a genetic basis for the behavior. Additionally, our study demonstrates the potential of meta-analytic methods in social network analysis to test ecological and evolutionary hypotheses on cooperation, group living, communication, and resilience to extrinsic pressures. The main purpose of this study is to start a debate to promote research on psychopathology in chimpanzees and other animals. Moreover, an unusally large and detailed number of field studies of Primates versus, other Mammalia, revealed an additional level of diversity with respect to the, size, sex ratio and temporal stability of primate groups, males and females provided the traditional criterion for further distinction, among group-living species (Kappeler, 2000a). (2000). Physical and social diversity among nocturnal primates: A new view. for practical reasons we retain this categorization. The social brain hypothesis, Dunbar, R. I. M. (2000). They are pri-, marily shaped by female distribution and the resulting nature of intrasexual, selection. Second, the link between behavior and life-history is a key pillar in, the evolution of social systems. First, some sister taxa with radically different social systems produce hybrids, bis baboons express certain taxon-typical traits of their respective parental. In fission-fusion groups, subgroups of varying size and composi-. reproduction, in particular, make more conservative behavioral strategies, including a safer life in permanent groups, adaptive (J, 1993). Mating relations and female mother-daughter relations play important roles in forming new “affinitive potential consequences of pair-living for the mating system. A total of 70 items were retained for the Chimpanzee Psychopathology Questionnaire in accordance with 3 main criteria: deleting those that could not be applied to the subjects, retaining those that could be applied, and adapted when needed. size,[7] and that sperm competition can account for the evolution of primate testes size. How do animals choose their mates? T. these three components define the essentials of a society of a taxon. Special relationships instead of female dominance for, tiation within and between populations of the red howler monkey (, Preuschoft, S., and Paul, A.

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