rear speakers not working surround sound

I have an issue when trying to connect my 5.1 surround speakers to my onboard soundcard, the Rear speakers (black hookup) do not work. the surround sound speakers on the podium aren't working. Perform a Test Tone operation to verify that all speakers are working. If applicable, try selecting a different size (small or large) speaker. Not the same issue. Then I wanted to test if the surround sound was working and by the life of me, I cannot make any sound come out of the rear speakers. Increase the volume level of the speakers. Hello Guys, So, I have a LG Home Cinema Surround Sound 5.1 system, and can't get the rear speakers to work properly. The illustration above provides you with the ideal set-up and sound mode setting for a 2-speaker set-up or for all speakers (5.1 set-up). I went on YouTube and even Netflix and the years and sub work great. No sound from rear speakers or subwoofer on the HW-Q90R If you turn off a TV that has an HW-Q90R Soundbar connected to it, the wireless rear speakers and subwoofer go to sleep after about 15 minutes. Once the sub and both rear speakers were blinking fast I then turned the sound bar on and held up on the remote dpad for five seconds until it said I'd set. They're plugged into the subwoofer that has Left and right channels for the surround sound and all I hear coming through them is static while the music is playing. According to the user manual of my soundbar and the rear speakers, … Increase the volume level on your receiver, and listen closely for sound coming from the rear speakers. I'll try to explain... like, if i'm watching a movie and there is a plane coming from behind, I hear the sound from the airplane in all speakers, it's like I'm listening to the movie in stereo. In the windows sound settings the speakers show up as Side speakers (gray hookup) and so when I perform the windows sound test the rear speakers not not make a sound. If you are still having difficulty with the rear speakers on your surround sound system, the next step is to make sure that their levels are not severely imbalanced. The soundbar works fine, only the rear speakers stay silent. My friend gave me his Vizio surround Sound setup to place in my room and for some reason.

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