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Gurley agreed to a contract with the Falcons the day after he was cut. Although it started off as the badge on Dodge vehicles and has since become the symbol adorning RAM trucks, the history o The Mandalorian's new villain, explained, Giant yellowfin tuna puts anglers at tipping point, Yeah, college sports is most certainly making the pandemic worse, NFL bold prediction for Week 12: Taysom Hill, Saints headed for an upset vs. the Broncos, Baby Yoda is no longer Baby Yoda, actually has a name in latest 'Mandalorian', Ron Rivera confirms Washington Fumblerooski play vs. Cowboys was inspired by 'Little Giants', The NFL potentially forcing the Ravens to forfeit is a bad idea, NFL fans roasted the Cowboys for this ridiculously bad fake punt attempt, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. For more great sports stories ... Their new colors are a spinoff of their throwback royal blue and gold. Still a blue ram with a black and blue outline. Rams new uniforms: The iconic design on the helmet has been adjusted, which is a long-expected change for the Los Angeles team. The Los Angeles Rams’ release of their new, redesigned logo went about as well as the time it leaked earlier in the month.. Few automotive emblems are as recognizable and revered as the ram's head logo. How the Texans' J.J. Watt became the ultimate role model for Steelers' T.J. Watt, Every NFL team's record against the spread and more, The book of Mo: What a 14-year-old Baltimore fan taught the NFL, Biggest Week 12 injury questions for all 32 NFL teams: Uncertainty surrounds Nick Foles, 49ers running backs, Week 12 NFL Power Rankings: 1-32 poll, plus what each team is thankful for, Watermelons, hams, time clocks, an ax, and an unfortunate bull: The weird world of coach motivational tools, Covered Rams for two years for Los Angeles Times, Has covered the NBA and college football and basketball. In the 30 hours since it’s been released, the logo has not been received well. Well, the Rams 2020 season is already off to a bad start -- they just revealed the new Rams logo ... and people hate it! "It's not a hat I would buy or we would ever want in the marketplace, but we didn't get much of a say in that," Demoff said. "But at the end of the day, that was one place we knew our fans weren't going to compromise.". "I'm sure it will be a surprise, it will be change, but lots of things are and I think it's a change that our fans will come to know and love over time.". The new look is part of a rebranding effort that has been in progress since the Rams returned to Los Angeles in 2016 after 21 seasons in St. Louis. Cleveland Rams 1944 - 1945. When the Rams revealed their new set of team logos, they didn’t commit completely to one over the other. "The most exciting part of this for me, and I hope for Rams fans, is it blends the best of our pasts with what we believe is the best of our future," said Kevin Demoff, the Rams' chief operating officer. Gone is navy blue, light gold and white, a scheme the Rams adopted in 2000 in St. Louis. Well, the L.A. Rams 2020 season is already off to a bad start -- they just revealed the new Rams logo ... and people hate it!. Welcome to For The Win's European Union Experience. The Rams’ most recent logo from 2017 didn’t have any yellow in it This ram looked intimidating, it was a modern design, and the horn matched … "[That hat] was a terrible first introduction to where we are headed, but there's nothing we can do about how that came to be.". a lot like Angelo State University’s logo, Deer snatches hunter's rifle, prompting search for weapon, Charles Barkley's revamped golf swing looks shockingly decent, Who is Grand Admiral Thrawn? *follow @ForTheWin: https://www.twitter.com/forthewin (2:04) ... it will be change… The Rams have dubbed their hues "Rams Royal" and "Sol." So far, the L.A. mark has been used more often in … The Rams are coming off a 9-7 season only a year after playing in Super Bowl LIII. On Monday, the Los Angeles Rams unveiled a new logo, which had been subject to speculation for most of the month. By: Mike D. Sykes, II, https://ftw.usatoday.com/2020/03/los-angeles-rams-new-logo-redesigned-fans-better, NFL fans redesigned the new Rams logo and made it much better, I found this on FTW and wanted to share: The Los Angeles Rams will release a redesign jersey later this year, but the team began its rebranding with new logos and team colors. White also is featured in the new look. THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- The Los Angeles Rams on Monday revealed new team colors and logos that will debut this season. Why is this year's 6-4 record better for the Raiders than last year's 6-4 record? Their rebranding effort coincides with the completion of SoFi Stadium, Rams owner Stan Kroenke's $5 billion project, which is scheduled to open for the 2020 season and will be home to the Rams and Los Angeles Chargers. "We always looked at blue and yellow and white, we looked at a wide range of things around that as accent colors," Demoff said. The Rams were caught off guard by the leak, said they turned down the design of the cap multiple times, and ultimately were disappointed the specialty hat was the first piece of rebranded merchandise seen by fans. The Rams' logo and color reveal last month was the first step of a two-part rebranding effort as they prepare for the 2020 season in their new home at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood.

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