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I have wanted to start a blog for a long time. I write about life, love, friendship in a simple language. Walk with me love, depression, eating disorders, family, etc. Meandering and wonder are words that speak to me. I am looking for a catchy and creative name for my blog wherein i am going to speak about anything and everything that matters to us. I’d like the blog to be positive , inviting and for people to feel like they can relate to everyday problems (example of blog name – living life on the plus size / side but both occupied names on WordPress lol) , not really in to my name and used first + last name on my first blog many years ago. i want to incorporate ‘ash’ or AJ in my blog name I want to write about the creativity. I am about to start a blog which covers topics in diversified area like technical, motivational, positivity, lesson for life etc. We grow lots of veggies. Id really appreciate any suggestion. Anything about Everything – not very deep though I know its a cliche but i am in love with the name ” the girl with the green scarf” after watching confessions of the shopaholic….. so may be something of that sort…. Seems like I’m 3 years late but I thought I’d try. I wanted to write a blog about fashion and advice. Well, I have a website already but the name I have been using on it limits me. help?thankyou I have a 1 and a half year old son and I also have lots of tattoos. I want to launch a blog wherein I want to express my responses, rants and opinions on news, political matters, television ads, lacunas of comman men etc. Dreaci Young. I also want to post about some diy recipes I try out. I am open to suggestions! Great to hear your positive energy. Hi Sam. I used my blog last summer to document our exciting adventures as well as to keep our families and few select friends in the loop of what we were doing. I was thinking of this Now i have thought of a name for my blog but I am not sure if it would be good I like your article on 54 creative blog names. Can you help pleasssssssssssssssssse. Here are some interesting names that i got good ideas from: Life After College Hi Sam, Would love to hear some of your suggestions. Currently I’m a Mom of 2 year old girl with another due in 2 months. I am, for the most part, but it is a work in progress, mostly because I’m living in a mother/daughter house with my in-laws…LOL I am; however, learning to let the little things go. How should I name it? LOL He’s an only child. I want to inspire women out there to love their bodies especially if they are plus size. so I don’t want anything specific. What do you think and do you have any ideas of something better? I’m thinking of having a name similar to that, obviously not the same or anything like that but it really stands out to me. That’s what she said Are you referring to the .com domain name, the username at, or something else? Hoping you can help. I also thought of ‘Dwell Decor’, ‘Design Helpmate’ but this only highlights the designing aspect. I really love something along the lines of Persistent Perseverance and Responding to Life. but I’m first of all not sure if probably Hijabi is to difficult for some to remember… I really look forward to your suggestions, Thanks! I am always smiling, glass half full, im all about focussing in the positives while so much is about the negative. Some of the titles that I was tossing around are: Letting them know that it is normal to have both pimples AND wrinkles at the same time…, Can you please please please help me with that? Back on with TinyBiscuit, hers is TinyBiscuit-TinyTuesdays-TinyCookies! They help my healing with their beauty. I need help with coming up with a blog name. I started a blog last year but I have not found a suitable blog title yet. Help. Quick backstory I’m wanting to start a blog about my grandmother Senetenari and dementia. Our house is super crazy. I have been pondering around sth like “stalkerspace 2.0” but that’s already been used as a Facebook group. Mostly a place for expression. So it was filled with pictures and our doings but also some cool background info. Would love some help figuring out a backup blog name. I need your help with creative/catchy blog names. I’m looking for a blog name for long time and while looking on google came across this article. Thank you, thank you… thank you. More of unsuppressed rants and thoughts. I’ve saved your site and I’m including your RSS feeds Thank you so much for this website, it actually helped a lot. But it feels too vague with regards to my blog. Please please please help a sister out. Initially, I started making customised handmade diaries, booklet & albums expressing a lot of happiness and joy to make something beautiful for people. I created a blog last summer for this exiting 5 weeks that included lots of stuff about the area we lived, exiting things we did, sunrises, sunset, beaches, etc. It’ll be showcasing my outfits, inspirational content with decor and advice. “Unrealistic Dreams”. And what do you mean by “its already taken”? Plus motivational stories. haha My current title doesn’t reflect my blog’s existing content. I’m planning on creating a Beauty Blog about makeup, fashion, health, lifestyle and travel. Look forward to hearing from you. We (my high school sweetheart and I) live in Georgia with our girls and two dogs. As soon as I saw it another one “The world I see” came to my mind but I don’t know if its good enough. A lot of encouragement. I want to start my own blog which is whole about love stories so please..can uh suggest me some name..for it..?? I want to blog about my life as well and maybe even add in a few short stories. It’ll be great if u cud help. Thanks. The Sandy Dog Reading & feeling all the emotions again becomes a mesmerising moment. It’s on being a mom of one teenager, and two young adult sons, three dogs, two cats. I am not too keen on the second one but i want to include the word fragrance in my name as it is the meaning of my name. So far I have only come up with one name – resonatingthoughts Letting women know it’s not the end of the world when you find out that your husband has an affair.. I need your help!! Right now I have Melissa Gibson Photography dot com, thinking I would open a photography business. Also, in December our dad is getting married to this high strong women named Kate and she and her two kids will join us in our smaller house. We liked, are we there yet, because I said so, It will be a mom blog with different topics (Family, raising a special needs kiddo, cooking up stuff I find on line, crafts, cloth diapering…and well just life. I want to do it anonymously. Are you still offering help with blog names??? Please suggest me a blog name. I wrote about how to find the perfect, creative blog name at And the blog will also have other diy tips on healthy lifestyle. Every idea is already registered as a domain so I’m out of ideas. Ultimately, short names tend to be easiest to recall and generally the most effective: Bitsa Fluff Want something that I can carry beyond here too if we ever leave. Hey! That’s me for sure! TIA. And yes, being happy and sleeping well are on my “To Do” list. What a helpful site! I’m in my young twenties. I am looking to start posting my travel adventures, my passion for food as well as my fashion stories. Fried PIckles (pickles as in toes) Any suggestions? Thanks, I am having a hard time coming up with a name. I am creating a lifestyle blog that will talk about me, have some photography, inspiration, talk some about jesus, why i created the blog etc. I haven’t written a blog earlier though. but it was already taken, so she just appended the word ‘blog’ at the end. Perhaps you can start by sharing your views on the 54 names listed above. And also reviews on books, movies and stuff. Required fields are marked *, 54 Creative Blog Names about Life, Love, Happiness and Personal Growth. It’s memorable and gets straight to the point. If you’re keen on including it, then the 2 you shared are nice and simple. I recently read your article on finding creative blog names. Please help. I started the ” Wayward Kid” blog when I was still in highschool (14), now that I’m 20 I’m thinking of having a new one which kind of relates with my life stories, travel, coffee( actually I want it to be about everything and anything) but I can’t think of a good name. For instance, some people want their personal names in the blog name, others want to incorporate the place they live to make the blog more locally focused, others prefer to have something wittily funny, while the majority are looking for a clever twist on words.

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