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Don't "horse" them, let them get tired bending your rod and taking line against the drag. Fast Water - The first time I encountered peacocks in open, fast water, I was truly surprised. Every lure will have its army of proponents who will swear by its efficacy in any or all circumstances and who would readily gamble their survival on its ability to catch fish. If in doubt, let your guide set it. If you see this, throw anything at the bank and drag it into the water. As you reel in, peacocks will often assess their adversary while they recover their strength. What do you do when the ferocious monsters actually show up to fight? Ask him to make you a replica. Logs, deadfall, and cuts will often hold peacocks, especially in backflows or still sections. In spite of that, I have yet to catch a single peacock on it. Lower Madeira tributaries such as the Igapó Açu and Matupiri provide perfect habitat for Cichla temensis, the giant peacock bass. "Suddenly, a massive geyser of water exploded not 10 meters from my rod-tip, startling me just in time to avoid having my rod ripped from my hands! Peacocks are very difficult to catch while they have eggs or non-swimming fry on the nest. Yes, we're exceeding the rod’s line rating, but hopefully, you're setting your drag carefully. Sizes from 1/4 to 1-1/8 ounce can be used with any tackle combination. Cast it back and try again. Just before this period, however, is when an angler's wildest fishing fantasies can come true. The second part of the answer is based on numbers. Sometimes this cat and mouse game will go on for three or four rounds before a peacock decides to just totally crush the lure, or, loses interest and swims away. Peacock bass gear should be tailored to the size of the lure thrown, not the reputation of the fish pursued. They will swirl behind the lure, slap at it with their body or even mouth it tentatively. Also, fish over 10-pounds are difficult to coax to the surface with fly rod poppers. Everything we do is designed to enable us to effectively access peacock bass waters as they drop. Consequently quantity tends to be lower here, but size is the key. On this website you can read all about peacock bass. Speed up the lure, move it more erratically. Propeller Types - Probably the most famous peacock bass lure is the now defunct Luhr Jensen "Woodchopper". Every day you spend fishing seems to make you just want more days and every fish you catch seems to make you just want to catch more fish. The color begins to develop at about 18 months old. You can palpably anticipate the instant of the strike. Walking stick baits are most effective when you impart what is referred to as the “walk the dog” retrieve. The lagoons can be large or small, with a variety of structure, depths and configurations, offering a wide range of productive possibilities for fishermen. Cichla temensis are caught well into the twenty pound class. Beaches — Sandy beaches occur on the outside bank of curves and along the edges of shallow stretches of river. The First Run - The key to surviving the first run is to have a properly set drag. Your guide knows everything that's important about lure selection and structure and water clarity and all the bits and pieces of the numbers game we call fishing. Garry Reiss at (866 832-2987 x 2) Be careful, only one species is the target of trophy anglers! During this bout of heavy feeding, they store fat, change their color and pattern and begin to spawn (see articles on color and pattern variation and shape change). Ranging from ½ to over 2 ounces, the principle lure types demand a broad range of tackle capability. Spinning rods are very appropriate for casting 4-6” jerkbaits, 1/2 to 1 oz topwater lures and when working ¼ to 3/4 oz. The rainy season's high waters cut scalloped forms into the expanses of white sand. "OK, if Amazonia is the realm of the Giant Peacock Bass (Cichla temensis), then the southeastern region of Brazil with its subtropical climate is the realm of the Blue Peacock (Cichla piquiti). So we stay mobile. The lures described above range from 5-1/2 to 7-1/2 inches, and weigh up to 2 ounces. Rio Branco Basin: Like the Madeira, the Rio Branco itself is not a peacock sportfishery. U.S. PEACOK BASS SELECTION. A medium baitcaster is the perfect rig for this lure although a medium/light spinner can work very well in the hands of an experienced spincaster. Even fishermen don't go to work, raise their children or plan their lives in this manner. This fish has properly earned its reputation. If you're fishing for big peacocks in Brazil, the bigger sizes (6-½ or 7-½ inches) are the preferred sizes. Practice in a local pond with the rods, reels, line and lures you plan to use for peacocks. Leave the mono home - it just isn't right for this job. The fish will be there. For more information on where to fish for peacock bass, see our peacock bass fishing maps. Stay as small and light as possible and select for fast retrieves. Relax and enjoy it. As opposed to the traditional three inch white bucktail jig, experienced peacock bass anglers are creating a combination of various colors of bucktail, with a splash of flashabou, in lengths from 6 to 8-inches on ½-ounce jig-heads. Luhr Jensen Amazon Ripper 5 1/2”. If the fish don't know they're there, they just won't hit them. You can even cast a "Woodchopper" perpendicular to the ribs and sometimes get a violent but pleasant surprise. It doesn't tangle or backlash as easily and it costs a fraction as much as braided. In addition, the braided line will not set on the spool and are limp. However, some of its lightly stained blackwater tributaries, can produce great numbers of peacock bass. A ten pound peacock will easily break 30 pound test if the drag is set too tight. Some like to pursue their addiction in air conditioned comfort, some prefer moving right into the fish's lair. Let your guide show you how to hold them to minimize the stress and damage to these beautiful creatures.

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