my desktop disappeared windows 10

Add the My Computer Icon to the Windows 10 Desktop. I just ran into this as well. My Master’s isn’t in computer!! Now you can simply hold the Windows key on your keyboard and tap the arrow keys. It was like I accidentally hit a keyboard shortcut that enabled tablet mode and starting explorer.exe kicked it out of tablet mode. Give a senior a break! Due to Windows 10 bug, desktop and saved files may disappear after Windows 10 update. One of the things you can do is toggle the full-screen option for your Windows Start Menu. Your desktop is still there, and your missing Taskbar is still there. Windows Desktop and Taskbar are Missing from Windows 10–How To Locate, How To Remove Windows.old(1) Unable to Delete Microsoft.Windows.Cortana, How To Patch and Verify Meltdown and Spectre Protection on Windows PCs, How To Back Up Your Virtual Machines for Free, Windows 10 Tip: How To Restart Video Driver without Rebooting Computer, How To Use AMD ReLive Capture Screen Recording, How To Fix Mouse Cursor Lagging in Windows 10 After AMD Driver Update, Troubleshoot Outlook "Not implemented" Unable to Send Email Error, Why Hard Drive or SSD Does Not Show Up in Gigabyte AB350M Motherboard, CCleaner Hacked: What Do You Need To Know, Wayk Now - A Free Instant Remote Support Tool for Windows and Mac, Download Smashing Magazine Desktop Wallpaper November 2020 Windows 10 Theme, Patching Directions for Mitigating Zerologon Vulnerability in Windows Network, Download Smashing Magazine Desktop Wallpaper October 2020 Windows 10 Theme, How To Find Whois Domain Information from Command Line, How To Reduce Background Noise on An Audio File on Windows, Windows Admin Center to Simplify Server and Windows 10 Desktop Management. Part 1. Somehow, you might have enabled the Tablet mode leading … you need enable taskscheduler to manual(3) or automatic(1) in servisces. This was exactly what I needed. Method 1. Thanks for this re-assuring non-geek advice – you have solved the mystery of the disappearing desktop. Ensure that it always take you to the desktop and when to switch modes, ensure to prompt for confirmation. It can happen accidentally and you may have modified some settings unknowingly. Verify that explorer.exe is not running. Windows 10 suppose to know and be able to detect when your machine is in Tablet mode and when it is in Desktop mode. Thanks!! 5 ways to restore missing desktop apps and files. Why it was toggled on I’m still puzzling, but you can ensure this doesn’t occur in the future by going to Settings > Tablet Mode. Make sure you have ticked "Computer only" or "PC Screen Only" button, if not, tick the check box manually. thanks a ton! What really happened is the Tablet mode has switched on for no apparent reason. You’re the greatest! If this doesn’t end up fixing the problem, it could be that explorer.exe has crashed. thank you thousand times for ur coopertae.i have been tackeling this problem all the dayy.i hope you be lucky. That’s possible but if Explorer crashes you shouldn’t have start menu icon or time displayed either . Thank you so much, I thought my Windows 10 update had gone wrong but obviously there was just a problem correctly switching back to Tablet mode. First, right-click on the desktop and choose Personalize. even i have experienced the same problem, ya, i was worried what i have done to my computer. Reasons Behind the “Desktop Icons are Missing in Windows 10” Problem: A majority of people are considering it a bug inside Windows 10 but it is not. Step 2. Today, I may have hit a wrong button because everything changed. This is to support the bridging and gap between the new Start menu and the, now old, Start menu from Windows 8.1. Windows 10 suppose to know and be able to detect when your machine is in Tablet mode and when it is in Desktop mode. Therefore, you have two options here to restore the lost or missing files. It puts me into panic mode where I thought my Windows 10 is frozen in a weird state, without investigating further I often restart my machine. SOLVED: Desktop Icons Missing After Windows Update, Upgrade or Reboot June 13, 2019 June 13, 2019 If you run through Windows Update (or in my case an Upgrade to Windows 10 1903) and find all of your desktop icons are missing this is the fix for you:. Desktop and Tablet. In my case, I think I did something (keyboard shortcut) that made the whole screen go black which looks like an explorer.exe crash. If you want to add Computer, Recycle Bin, Control Panel, or your User folder icon to the desktop in Windows 10, there’s an extra step you’ll need to know how to do. Thank you, this advice has helped me a lot. simple but great help! Show hidden files on Windows 10 desktop. Should be good as new! You can always check and disable “Tablet mode” from the new Notification menu. Thank you very much, it solved my problem .

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