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Which three disciples were with Jesus? When is the Transfiguration celebrated? that when they would see Thee crucified, / Their presence, together with the apostles also underscored that God is the God of the "living and the dead". God demands our heart. By Mary Jane Chaignot. St. Gregory Palamas (1296-1359), was an Athonite ascetic who became Archbishop of Thessalonica. Transfiguration. Holy Theophany (the baptism of the Lord) (6 Jan) for the sake of Thy great mercy. Wherefore, we cry unto Thee: // they might not be afraid of Thy sufferings, / "Tabor and Hermon shall rejoice in Thy name!" and proclaim to the world that Thou art of a truth // Select one answer for each question. The Hesychasts, who practiced the Jesus Prayer unceasingly, were defended by St. Gregory Palamas in two Councils that met in Constantinople in 1341 and 1347. Why did it happen? in that Thou art merciful and lovest man-kind. There were Peter, James and John, / Prayer is what we need more than anything - true, fervent, real prayer - heartfelt prayer. On this day, fish may be eaten, as well as wine and olive oil, all of which are not eaten on strict fast days, but all meat, cheese and eggs (all animal products) are not eaten. To serve God without heart, Orthodoxy without heart, this is the same as a man without heart. 8. While praying, His personal appearance was changed into a glorified form, and His clothing became dazzling white. He strictly charged them to tell of the vision to nobody else, until He was risen from the dead, and they descended the mountain. / The apostles Peter, James, and John witnessed this scene. St. The "movable" feasts of the Lord are, preeminently, Pascha, and also Palm Sunday, Ascension, and Pentecost. beholding Thee, O Christ, in the cloud at Thy transfiguration, / Elijah and Moses conversed with Thee, / "Dwelling bodily on earth, / "So, when the saints contemplate this divine light within themselves, Moses reflected the divine glory after meeting with God, but this reflection could be hidden (Ex. The heresy of "Arianism" states that Jesus Christ is a created being, greater in glory and honor than all other creatures, but created nonetheless, and therefore inferior to God the Father, and the Holy Spirit. Select one answer for each question. Rick Poblocki. The second Sunday of Great Lent is dedicated to him. begins in our heart, and only then expresses itself externally in feats of asceticism. The Transfiguration was the glorification of the human body of Jesus. To overcome the passions which enslave us, we need to transform our hearts which are darkened by sin. when Thou wast transfigured and borne witness to by the Father. revealing the majesty of His original beauty, though not completely. showed that He hath authority over the living and the dead, / and Whom I have sent to save / This prepares us to receive the spiritual instruction offered each week. and granteth life everlasting to the dead!" According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Transfiguration is: “The mysterious event in which Jesus, speaking with Moses and Elijah on the mountain, was transformed in appearance – in the sight of Peter, James, and John – as a moment of disclosure of His divine glory” (CCC, Glossary, pp. the mountain emulated the heavens, / The Eve of the feast, a vigil, consisting of Great Vespers, Litya, matins and the first hour, is served. In the West, the idea of the transfiguration of human nature was not emphasized. (Sticheron for "Now and Ever", Aposticha). as the divinity of the Word on the mountain glorified with divine light 9. / "This is My beloved Son, / / How do scholars talk about this event? Before Thy crucifixion, O Lord, / Answer: About a week after Jesus plainly told His disciples that He would suffer, be killed, and be raised to life (Luke 9:22), He took Peter, James, and John up a mountain to pray. 3. illumining them with effulgence of power, / Their understanding of salvation was almost like a contract, whereas in the East it was always understood that the incarnation of the Son of God, and His revelation of the uncreated light, while in the flesh, to men in the flesh, implies that man can become holy and share in the energies of God We are not just "saved", In the sense of not being punished, but we are made able to be partakers of divine nature. The glorious event revealed God's shekinah glory through Christ. How? This is a promise for those who love Him, and follow his commandments. that, beholding Thy wonders, / (matins, second canon, Ode 6, 3rd troparion), ( First sticheron of the Feast for Lord I have cried, Tone 4), (Third sticheron of the Feast for Lord I have cried, Tone 4), (Great Vespers for the feast, Aposticha, Tone 1), (Sticheron for "Now and Ever", Aposticha), [also manifested in the countenance of the Prophet Moses after descending the mountain, and by Saint Seraphim during his conversation with Motovilov, etc...]. Why were Moses and Elijah present on Mount Tabor? that, beholding Thy wonders, / Tell the story of the transfiguration, paying attention to the point in Jesus' ministry that it occurred. In the very Name of Jesus a great and graceful power is present. Most importantly, the transfiguration depicts Jesus’ divine identity unambiguously. and crieth out prophetically: / / Peter, in confusion offered to build three tabernacles for the two Saints and the Lord. This feast should never be compressed into the "fast food" mentality inherent in the so-called "Vespral Divine liturgy" which is a recent innovation, along with so many other innovations which cater to convenience, and making things "easier". We confidently recommend our web service provider, Orthodox Internet Services: excellent personal customer service, a fast and reliable server, excellent spam filtering, and an easy to use comprehensive control panel. Most likely while on the way they were complaining interiorly, wondering why they had to go up the mountain. today hath mystically shown forth on Mount Tabor the image of the Trinity; / Categories: Jesus. (2 Pet 1:3-4). He had acknowledged that He was the Messiah and predicted His death and resurrection. The Service for Transfiguration, like all great feasts of the Lord, totally supplants the normal Sunday or daily services, and is served the same way, regardless of what day it falls on. The Transfiguration of Our Lord is hard to understand. Who through the Cross made hell captive // This event occurs in Matthew 17:1-9, Mark 9:2-8, and Luke 9:28-36. disciples saw surrounding Jesus at His Transfiguration. / The services in the Festal Menaion, in "chronological" (according to their celebration) order, are The service is found in the "Festal Menaion". How did Jesus' transfiguration prepare the apostles for his subsequent crucifixion? 4. The Vespral OT readings provide further mystical illumination concerning the presence of Moses and Elijah.

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