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Delivery & Returns (Posted on 03/12/2017), Review by Livvy / (Posted on 28/07/2017), Review by Dunc / Due to tannins present in the timber, oak wood will react with ferrous metals when wet. Planed oak timber is sliced for decorative veneers and rotary-cut to make plywood. (Posted on 08/08/2020), Review by Philip / (Posted on 16/07/2018), Review by Baz / It is commonly agreed that investment in a green-oak structure yields a greater financial benefit than the same investment in a conventional build. (Posted on 13/07/2018), Review by Richard / (Posted on 27/04/2020), Review by Richard / Interesting FactsGrows: this species is known to grow across Europe, Turkey, North Africa, Southeastern Canada and Northeastern USATypical height: 60-100 ft (18-30m)Trunk diameter: 4-6 ft (1.2-1.8m)Specific gravity: 0.72Typical dry weight: 45lb/ft3 (720kg/m3), Check items to add to the cart or select all, Osmo Polyx Hardwax Oil 3032 Satin Clear 750ml, Solid Wood Oak Tapered Plugs 12.7mm (20 plugs). (Posted on 04/02/2018), Review by Mike / (Posted on 18/03/2018), Review by Romfordrelic / (Posted on 20/07/2020), Review by David / Oak Window Boards (Posted on 07/09/2019), Review by Valerie / Quotes and guide prices for your oak frame . (Posted on 13/11/2017), Review by Colin Beattie / About Us (Posted on 05/04/2019), Review by Hughrocks / (Posted on 22/08/2020), Review by Brian / (Posted on 03/12/2015), Review by Ian / (Posted on 21/05/2014), Review by Mark Webb / The cost per cubic metre of oak varies depending on the thicknesses, widths, lengths and grade of oak, so it's not possible to give one, definitive cubic metre rate. ... Price is per cubic foot. We are happy to discuss your ideas to create a scheme to suit your budget. Privacy Policy Garden room or extension                    £ 745 /sq meter   Old Meadows, Large 4 bedroom house                        £ 550 /sq meter   Foxleigh Grove, Large barn house or large extension    £ 515 /sq meter   Menkea Wartha, Garages – inc. oak studs and rafters    £570 / sq meter. (Posted on 17/02/2020), Review by Robert / (Posted on 15/05/2019), Review by Geoff / (Posted on 23/12/2017), Review by aged parent / (Posted on 24/04/2016), Review by Mave / (Posted on 10/08/2020), Review by Mark / (Posted on 09/12/2018), Review by Baz / (Posted on 30/08/2019), Review by JP / (Posted on 25/03/2016), Review by DCY / (Posted on 28/02/2019), Review by PHILIP / Rays and growth rings show an attractive figuring ("silver grain") when quarter sawn. (Posted on 22/05/2018), Review by Stephen / (Posted on 14/08/2018), Review by Pops / The product-only price includes just the flooring. We can cut any length upto 20ft, all Oak is cut to order. (Posted on 15/02/2019), Review by A P / (Posted on 02/11/2015), Review by SD / In addition to the product, we offer services such as installation (including moving furniture, removing and disposing of old flooring and borders and trims), as well as stair accessories. (Posted on 19/08/2016), Review by Kat / | Costing is a complex process requiring that we work closely with clients until we agree a price based on a detailed understanding of the project and budget. (Posted on 02/05/2018), Review by William / Our Planed All Round European Oak is accurately machined using state of the art German technology, ensuring you receive timber that is perfectly smooth and straight, making it a pleasure to work with. (Posted on 04/09/2020), Review by Rob / (Posted on 26/06/2020), Review by DIY Des / We care deeply about our environment and insist that our wood suppliers carry industry approved 'green' accreditation. (Posted on 19/09/2016), Review by RB / (Posted on 30/04/2016), Review by Jupiter / (Posted on 22/10/2020), Review by Ben / (Posted on 02/11/2015), Review by Mr C / Preboring is advised for nailing and screwing, and a reduced planing angle is advised for irregular or cross-grained stock. (Posted on 15/09/2017), Review by Gwawr / (Posted on 13/10/2017), Review by Arnie / (Posted on 02/09/2016), Review by Inexperienced / The lineal metre price = the price you would pay per lineal metre for the calculated item. For more information, please see our Cookie Policy page. (Posted on 30/12/2018), Review by CE / (Posted on 26/08/2020), Review by Ifitts / (Posted on 14/09/2017), Review by Charlie / S2S: Surfaced two sides, add $0.40/bd.ft. Planed Timber (Posted on 28/12/2018), Review by Grumpyoldman / (Posted on 11/11/2018), Review by David / Sections at a 70mm thickness may be manufactured from more than one piece to ensure stability. (Posted on 27/10/2019), Review by EB / (Posted on 19/10/2020), Review by B / (Posted on 05/05/2016), Review by Marsden / (Posted on 27/03/2018), Review by Arnie / True 256-bit SSL certification ensures the security and confidentiality of all our customers' details. (Posted on 10/09/2018), Review by Reiver / (Posted on 11/12/2018), Review by Spottfizz / (Posted on 27/03/2019), Review by Peter / Terms & Conditions (Posted on 02/12/2019), Review by Darren / (Posted on 18/06/2020), Review by Chuck / (Posted on 11/06/2019), Review by Lee / (Posted on 07/02/2020), Review by Chris / 197 Review(s) (Posted on 15/03/2020), Review by IMS in Hants / Pippy/Burry Oak – (double waney edge) – 40mm . (Posted on 02/04/2016), Review by Bruce / (Posted on 03/05/2016), Review by SP / (Posted on 08/04/2019), Review by Jill / (Posted on 26/11/2018), Review by John / Solid Wood Flooring Large 4 bedroom house                        £ 550 /sq meter, Large barn house or large extension    £ 515 /sq meter. (Posted on 14/07/2020), Review by DrKM / (Posted on 22/05/2019), Review by Pete / (Posted on 13/05/2016), Review by Eves / (Posted on 22/12/2017), Review by Simon / In order to give you the best experience, we have set our website to allow cookies. (Posted on 03/11/2016), Review by RM251 / (Posted on 19/02/2017), Review by Redgrouse / (Posted on 11/04/2019), Review by Joni / Our European Oak timber is sourced from France and planed to order in our factory here in Yorkshire. (Posted on 31/05/2020), Review by Chips / We can offer a range of pricing options depending on the information available, from a guide price based on floor area to a fixed, itemised quote using your detailed drawings. European oak can be darkened by fuming with ammonia. (Posted on 23/03/2018), Review by Bazza / (Posted on 06/12/2018), Review by Mr P / (Posted on 28/03/2016), Review by Mr T / (Posted on 21/10/2019), Review by Loft converter / (Posted on 25/02/2017), Review by Al / (Posted on 14/06/2018), Review by Mike / Most of our hardwood products are manufactured on site ensuring quality control throughout the production chain.

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