how to upholster over a cane seat

The number of strips you need depends on the size of the opening left by the removed cane. A lot of the caned chairs you come across second-hand are in bad shape, but this one was intact, making my decision even harder. Then, position the seat over the chair and tap the slip seat onto the chair with a rubber mallet or towel-wrapped hammer. What a beautiful job. I have removed the seat and back "panel" which are hand caned. Dee from My Painted Stuff. Things are nuts right now guys! All rights reserved. Apr 5, 2018 - With regular use, cane seats wear and tear, sag, lose strength and break. Make a template by placing craft paper or a sheet of newsprint on the chair seat. The Complete Guide to Upholstery; Cherry Dobson, The New Step-By-Step Home Decorating Projects; Editors of Creative Publishing International. Had I gone with a satin finish, the paint would have absorbed too much color. This post contains affiliate links. I kept the caning intact because it would be easier than removing it and having to create some kind of sub-structure. Since this foam is relatively thin, I was able to cut it with kitchen shears. I wanted some paint resistance, so I chose not to prime the frame. There are specific tools available to stretch this kind of webbing, but you can also use pliers or a strong arm. For a more contemporary or simple look, I would use double-welting (if you don't know what that is or can't find it, look it up online. Space the webbing strips equidistant and approximately one inch apart. Alot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that I'm interested in, but I'm most definately interested in this one. Pull all of the strands from the holes, loosening stubborn pieces with an awl as needed. Thanks for the best blog. The seat was dirty but in good condition and there were no cracks in the wood. Maybe it's making a comeback? Prop the chair seat up on a work bench or other table so you can chisel without having to bend over. Do the same with the vertical straps but weave them through the horizontal straps. Great tutorial! And that's it! I lazily roughed up the surface with some 150 grit sandpaper, just to make sure the whole thing didn't peel off. Jolie Template designed by Georgia Lou Studios. If it was just one of two small holes, but still structurally sound, I would leave the cane the way it is. definitely a new follower here! Trace the seat’s shape onto the paper and cut it out. I'm sure most of you have re-covered a seat before, or at least watched someone do it, so I wont go into an explanation on that unless someone asks. You make it look so easy! I used upholstery fabric, which was 54" wide. I personally had a VERY productive weekend giving some love to my free craigslist chair! This chair took about 5 1/2 yards of trim. I think I need it! Plywood – 1/2 inch; Hi-Density Foam – I used 3 “ Batting; Fabric; Can of spray glue; Staple gun; Drill and screws to attach the seat to the bench; Scissors; Measure and cut foam 1″ larger than your wood seat bottom. Sep 4, 2013 - This tutorial shows you how to upholster a cane chair easily. So, I also added a couple 2 inch finish nails to the back of the frame where the armrest meets. Make sure to seal the ends of the trim with a bit of the glue so they don't fray. Very interesting blog. It seems like I would have to put something solid like plywood on the seat and then upholster that. Upholstering it is the easiest way to do that. Just keep in mind, you will need a few inches around to make sure to have enough to pull to the bottom and staple. I started by stapling a piece of fabric to the wood frame that will be visible from the back… This just makes the upholstery look nice from the back. Although it's super smooth and even, it did turn out a bit more shiny than I like due to the semi-gloss paint underneath. I found mine at Joann’s where you can buy it by the yard. Do you think I could remove that fabric and upholster it with one piece of fabric and pulling it around like how you did? I repeated the same process to fill the recessed space in the back of the chair. getting ready to try it on my chairs. Fold the batting over sharp corners as you would a wrapped gift. Next, I cut a piece of batting and a piece of fabric larger than the area I was going to cover, layering the batting first, and the fabric on top. I found it at Joann's in the upholstery section. Thanks for giving me the useful information.

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