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Required fields are marked *. But what are some of the difficulties mature-aged students face? Paragraph F 2 with the same reading passages. The supermarkets may no longer be stocked with big sweet yellow cultivars but with tiny purple, pink, red, or green-and-white striped ones that currently exist in the depths of the forest and will not be cheap to domesticate. 16. v The dangers of unfinished studies 27. In daily requirements for an adult, one banana provides: 2% of Vitamin B1, 5% of B2, 4% of B3, 7% of B5, 28% of B6, 5% of B9; 15% of Vitamin C; 1% of calcium; 2% of iron; 7% of magnesium; 3% of phosphorous; 8% of potassium; and, 1% of zinc. The potato was well suited to the Irish soil and climate, and its high yield suited the most important concern of most Irish fanners: to feed their families. Small changes in lifestyle will not help in reducing much weight. They work harder, and generally perform better than younger students. Film & TV Production: The IELTS Indicator is designed to be similar to a regular IELTS test in assessing a student’s English language skills in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking from the comfort of their home.. (Including: Children’s Services, Early Childhood Education & Care, and a Traineeship), Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care: The room through the hub was to put tempered axle, which is wrapped up by leather, aiming to retain _______. 7. (Including: Film & TV Production, Interactive Digital Media, & Network Administration) Each was designed for two people (90 cm long) and had its axle sawn through to enable it to be brought along the narrow corridor into the tomb. Suddenly, this was attacked by a fungus called Panama disease, and worldwide, the Gros Michel was almost wiped out. How many people live on Great Barrier Island? 25. 30. 1. He discovered that a local avian virus, SMAM-1, caused chickens to die, sickened with organ damage but also, strangely, with lots of abdominal fat. High yielding, easily prepared potato crops were the obvious solution to England’s food problems. The popular banana, the Gros Michel, was Written by professional IELTS teachers to help candidates on the big day. Therefore, retraining for longer working lives is essential. 35. The shape of wheel resembles a __________. Botanical data During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, international ………………….. in bananas increases dramatically. But the most successful were the high-insulin-secretors on the low-glycemic-load diet. Instead, it These people already feel they failed at the end of their schooling by not going on to university, and being unable to complete their studies a second time can cause considerable anxiety. Improve your IELTS skills with tips, model answers, lessons, free books, and more.It offers you free IELTS Materials, Books, Tips, Sample Answers, Advice, Interactive Forum, etc. Questions 15-21 5. Leather wrapped up the edge of the wheel aimed to retain bronze. Paper is made from banana stems, and more recently, skins have been employed to clean up polluted rivers as their absorption of heavy metals is high. 11. …………………………………………. Aizhana. Questions 1-7 E. It’s the $64,000 question: Which diets work? Human skeletons in Anyang tomb were identified as soldiers who were killed in the war. Look at the following findings (Question 32-36) and the list of researchers below. The field of weight loss is like the ancient fable about the blind men and the elephant. Historians debate whether the potato was primarily a cause or an effect of the huge population boom in industrial-era England and Wales. THE HUMBLE BANANA. 18. You will learn how to write a script, plan and produce a short pre-recorded programme segment, and work effectively as a production crewmember. This course is for people wanting to become qualified childcare workers in day care centres. …………………………………………. The aim of losing weight should be keeping healthy rather than being attractive. A northern In France, people started to overcome their disgusting about potatoes because the King put a potato _________ in his button hole. FALSE              if the statement contradicts the information Which section, A-E, has the following information? The Japanese used to make ………………….. from banana fibre. Traditionally, the Japanese boiled banana shoots in lye until their fibres softened and separated. Answer the questions below. Thank you for your useful materials. Frederick the Great of Prussia saw the potato’s potential to help feed his nation and lower the price of bread, but faced the challenge of overcoming the people’s prejudice against the plant. 1 but it is exactly as same as IELTS Reading Recent Actual Test Vol. After reading Paragraph E, “ A change of diet and an increase in exercise ” refers to “ lifestyle change ” “ But the only effective way ” refers to the mean of contradiction with the findings mentioned above in the paragraph E. Thus, the correct answer for Q5 should be “xi- Lifestyle change … 21. 10. Aside from food and drink, bananas have other uses. Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage 2? 24. In the past, Great Barrier was noted for The views on Great Barrier are, You can download Volume 2 from this link: C. The government has long espoused moderate daily exercise – of the evening-walk or take-the-stairs 39. 15. is fulltime. B They will be multicoloured. I downloaded IELTS Reading Recent Actual Test Vol. The most glaring one is the visual fact that they’re not as attractive or energetic as all those young things lounging on quadrangle lawns. Of course, this was entirely in line with Frederick’s wishes. 19. helps people who are disadvantaged. Sitting at home due to Covid-19? Firstly, universities have changed entry requirements as more courses have become fee-paying. B February. Reading Passage 3 has seven paragraphs, A-G. It’s good for the heart, less so for the gut. 32. Could you please send to me email [email protected], Thank you in advance 28. G. He later moved to the U.S. and onto a bona fide human virus, adenovirus 36 (AD-36). The goal shouldn’t be getting thin, but getting healthy. His work involves creating and editing content while making sure they're super interesting and easy to read! Your email address will not be published. Part-time: 21 hours per week (3 days) The point is to not give up just because you don’t look like a swimsuit model. Furthermore, younger students often feel the pressure of their peers more acutely. You’ll On occasion they chose to strengthen a dished wheel with a pair of struts running from rim to rim on each of the hub. C fishing. The early Spanish called potato as the Incan name ‘Chuno’. Nor can most people imagine a world without bananas. “Is that a behavioural problem – a lack of willpower? This means older students contribute more to discussion. Paragraph D 19. Section 1 Nor can most people imagine a world without bananas. 2. F Then there are the greatly discouraged mature-aged drop-outs. A The potato was first cultivated in South America between three and seven thousand years ago, though scientists believe they may have grown wild in the region as long as 13,000 years ago. Write your answers in boxes 37-40 on your answer sheet. Write your answer in boxes 18-23 on your answer sheet., Hello, pleae check your email for IELTS Reading Recent Actual Tests (Ebook) & IELTS materials (IELTS lessons, books, sample answers, etc) to help you familiarize with IELTS & be well-prepared before sitting the IELTS test. 36. 17. 4. “Everyone subscribes to their own little theory,” says Robert Berkowitz, medical director of the Center for Weight and Eating Disorders at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Outreach Wheels were constructed from a variety of woods: elm provided the hub, rose-wood the spokes and oak the felloes. Qin Shi Huang was buried in the most opulent tomb complex ever constructed in China, a sprawling, city-size collection of underground caverns containing evening the emperor would need for the afterlife. Befriending other mature-aged students is a possibility, but perhaps they also seem too old.

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