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Learn the basics of car care and how to carefully drive a car, while earning credit for school! Most states require 24-26 credits to graduate, which leaves you with about 2-3 electives per year. That’s generally a built-in skill. From gardening to board games, there’s an audience for literally everything! Choose between piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, tuba, trombone, drums or all of the above! Explore culinary creations and figure out how to create foods that will give your taste-buds a party! All Rights Reserved. If your kiddo spends hours playing sports, it’s fine to include it as a high school elective. I didn’t plan on having any kids, but 3 kids later, I’m thankful that I learned simple tips, like getting to a child’s eye-level when talking to them. Encourage your kids to push their limits with a weightlifting class. Homeschooling high school is hard. Discover the importance of the agriculture industry. We have compiled a list of 20 online electives with course links to help you fulfill your elective credits. Learn the importance of physical, mental and emotional wellness while understanding how your health contributes to all. Learning which herbs you can use to help you feel better is a skill that you will use for the rest of your life! The Power of Electives in Your Student's High School Plan. Towards the end of the year, you will have some awesome keepsakes, like knives that you’ve created with your own hands. Learn the tips and tricks to successful marketing in the digital age. Did you know that bloggers often make a 6 figure income? From reading poetry to writing your own, it’s fun and works well for those who enjoy writing. With the convenience of bee kits, it’s never been easier to start your own hive. Have a kid interested in homes? Learn to play a new instrument or two with a musical based class. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! From the skies to the planets, there’s so much to learn about astronomy! Improve typing skills with a keyboarding class. Allow your child to plan, purchase and prepare 2 meals a week. From famous structures to how to design jaw-dropping buildings, architecture is a great choice for kids who love design. Learning to debate with class, making valid points and presenting your opinions in a tactful manner is a skill that many adults could stand to learn, as well! The good news is that you have a lot of leverage in what to count as Electives. Have a future nurse or doctor? From the basics like changing oil to the more detailed things like building a motor, auto mechanics is a class that will pay off for years to come! Budding artists will enjoy fine-tuning their drawing skills with a cartooning class. Y’all know how much we love pursuing interests and passions around here! Learn to design, cut and set everything from wallets to chaps. Create softwares, apps and websites using coding. How fun would it be to learn to run electric, water lines and hang sheet rock while creating your own tiny house!?! In this day and age, you can never be too careful. Take a closer look into events that are happening in the world around us every single day. Painting, pottery, drawing, or sculpting are just some of your options. This post may contain affiliate links. Below are some ideas of high school electives you can add to your school plans. From stage hands to the star of the show, there’s plenty of opportunities to learn. REAL point is exposure to various disciplines, passions, ideas, and skills that the core subjects simply don’t cover. Growing your own garden can easily be considered one of the most popular high school elective ideas for homeschoolers. Your students are ready for the exciting opportunities high school provides. It’s something they’ll treasure for years to come. Electives Courses or Extra-Curricular Activities? Start your own YouTube channel and figure out how to grow an audience as you share your passion with others. With technology like ancestry.com, it’s easier than ever to find out who your ancestors were! Math buffs will enjoy accounting and it’s a skill that will pay them for the rest of their life! Learn all about alternative energy ideas and how to save money on electric bills when you study alternative energy science. We could not be more, #notconsumed #scripture #Scriptureoftheday #faithi, TBT to tiny Leah and Florida Thanksgivings where t, We are truly grateful for YOU!! From dolphins to coral reefs, there’s so much to study in the ocean! Although, you may need to know the difference depending on your state’s homeschool laws. Electives are one way to tailor their education to their interests and goals. The final total number depends on after-high school goals and potential college requirements. Build muscle, tone your body or just learn how to get the shape you want, while getting healthy, too! There are few things as important in life as learning to safely drive a vehicle. Prepare your kids for life after they move out by taking a “life skills” class in high school. Planning for your teen’s high school electives is the funnest part of the whole process of high school curriculum planning! This post may contain affiliate links. Learn basics like rug size,where to hang curtains and how to create a fluid movement in your home with a hands-on home interior class. If you’ve got a teen who loves doing hair and makeup, they can easily take a cosmetology class as a high school elective. Real estate is a great way to get inside and see the insides of homes. We have so many choices that it's sometimes hard to choose just a few. Don’t let fear hold you back! Shave thousands of dollars off your college education with a test prep class. You can boost your ACT score, figure out where to spend more time studying and learn test-taking tips. Kids will love becoming detectives to try to solve the cases presented. Learning to install trim, hang doors and set cabinets are skills that kids can easily learn, if given the chance. Learn all about wildlife, water and everything in between with a Marine Biology class.

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