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According to Tufts Now, a yearlong study in 2014 found that people who ate more than three servings of yogurt per week gained less weight than those who ate less than one serving. Your body also doesn’t produce calcium on its own. © 2005 - 2019 WebMD LLC. People who have lactose intolerance may also find Greek yogurt easier to digest because of the bacterial breakdown of the milk’s sugars. Greek yogurt is also an excellent source of vitamin B12, which helps prevent anemia and keeps your blood cells and nerves healthy. Greek yogurt’s thicker consistency lends itself to adaptations, such as chia seed puddings, smoothies, and popsicles. This dairy product, which is different from regular, sweeter yogurt, has quadrupled in production from 2008 to 2013. An average serving, depending on the brand, can have 12 to 17.3 grams of protein. You can try adding a banana or some berries to your yogurt for a nutritious post-workout snack. Another benefit of Greek yogurt is that it’s high in calcium. Eat Greek yogurt with honey as a simple breakfast. While we commonly refer to this product as Greek yogurt, no federal standard for Greek yogurt exists in the United States. This article explains everything you need to know about probiotics. It also transfers substances, such as oxygen, across cell membranes. This is great for people looking to control their portion sizes. Because more liquid has been removed, the fermented flavor is more noticeable.Â. Here are 10 ways to improve your gut bacteria with diet. “Many choose to supplement vitamin B-12 into their diet, but Greek yogurt offers a powerful, natural alternative,” Griffin says. Not only will it tide you over until your next meal, but it contains protein that can repair damage done by exercise. Iodine is important for proper thyroid function, and the thyroid is essential for healthy metabolism. How Long Does Coronavirus Live On Surfaces? The acidity also makes it easier for your body to absorb other nutrients. A recent analysis of eleven studies showed that eating yogurt regularly can reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes by as much as 14%. Some people even enjoy substituting butter and mayo with Greek yogurt. And How Is It Different Than Regular Yogurt?”, Cleveland Clinic: “Yogurt: Good for Your Heart?”, FoodData Central: “Yogurt, Greek, plain, lowfat.”, Harvard Medical School: “Health benefits of taking probiotics.”, Journal of Dairy Science: “Sensory properties and drivers of liking for Greek yogurts.”, National Institutes of Health: “Calcium.”, National Institutes of Health: “Iodine.”, National Institutes of Health: “Potassium.”, National Institutes of Health: “Vitamin B12.”. This thick, protein-rich yogurt offers a wide variety of potential uses in savory and sweet recipes. Alternately, you can use it as a topping on other foods. This way you can know what’s in your food and keep your choices as healthy as possible. Another benefit of Greek yogurt is that it’s high in calcium. In addition, Greek yogurt can provide health benefits like: Greek yogurt provides a significant amount of calcium, which is important for healthy bones. “Greek yogurt is rich in the amino acids which make up proteins, and proteins are the building blocks for regenerating muscle tissue and repairing fiber damage,” explains Griffin. Greek yogurt is starting to overtake traditional yogurt in popularity thanks to its rich flavor and thick texture. Check the nutrition chart below to see which vitamins and nutrients a plain cup of nonfat Greek yogurt has. Depending on the fat content of the yogurt, the calorie content could vary. “For people with weight problems, increasing iodine levels in their diet increases the thyroid’s activity and, in turn, increases their metabolism promoting weight loss.”. Other benefits includes supporting blood production, supporting muscle growth, preserving oral health and improving mood. Greek yogurt makers add an extra step to their process so that excess water, lactose, and minerals drain out. The deliciously inventive recipes, from spinach feta wraps to chickpea scrambles, are sure to fuel your…. Yogurt has a much higher amount of protein than milk. Companies may label strained or unstrained yogurt “Greek” based on the consistency and taste. What’s left is a creamy, rich yogurt with less sugar, more carbs, and a tart taste. But in places such as North Africa, Southern Europe, and Greece, strained yogurt typically won’t contain: Old-fashioned Greek yogurt is made with goat’s milk. Greek yogurt is a great source of protein, especially if you need to avoid meat. It also plays an important role in keeping your heartbeat regular and helping your muscles contract. “People today tend to be iodine deficient, which can cause serious problems, including rapid fluctuations in weight,” Griffin says. “Use it as a substitute for sour cream on top of chili or baked potatoes,” suggests Rumsey. And just as stress and emotions can trigger stomach issues, your gut can send signals the other way around, too. It can also be eaten plain. It may also help regulate bowel movements.Â. Greek yogurt has been strained to remove extra liquid and whey. If you enjoy chia seeds, add 2 tablespoons of them for a protein and fiber boost. Greek yogurt is an excellent, meat-free way to add more to your diet. The vitamins, minerals, and probiotics in Greek yogurt can provide important health benefits. Potassium is important for maintaining your blood pressure and counteracting sodium. Greek Yogurt benefits includes supporting weight loss, promoting feminine health, keeping the intestinal system healthy, regulating blood pressure, increasing bone density, boosting immunity, aiding digestive system and promoting thyroid function. Greek yogurt is packed with probiotics. The rich taste and creamy texture can help thicken sauces, replace sour cream, or accent other bold and spicy flavors well. Health Benefits The vitamins, minerals, and probiotics in Greek yogurt can provide important health benefits. By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the WebMD, Smart Grocery Shopping When You Have Diabetes, Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Dogs and Cats, Coronavirus in Context: Interviews With Experts. All rights reserved. Your body uses protein to build: Protein is also one of the three nutrients that provide energy. 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