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Part 1 Generic Flight Operations Inspector Handbook 2nd Edition February 2013 . (more…), CAA International (CAAi) has been appointed by CAA Thailand (CAAT) to draft new drone regulations. x��}�o�U�-my�� ����T�s���$D��H D endobj Part of the UK CAA International Group. Gatwick airport South This course forms a core part of the standard induction program for newly recruited UK CAA Flight Operations Inspecting Staff. 550 Basées sur la connaissance. We can also tailor this training courses to suit an organisation’s individual training requirements. x��UKo1��0Q����[i��a�}Ep�V��TH94E��?0��&�I*��#���3��7�z�+�K�2��� � �e'��ho ˡ8�ޚ_�녽3`뻾�D��MA?�fqa.����xek He is currently working as Standards Lead within the UK CAA’s Flight Operations Department … endobj Contact us for more information. The nine-month project will allow CAAT to safely integrate the operations of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) into Thailand’s aviation…. © 2020 CAA International (CAAi). Flight Operation Inspector. The notification is for recruitment of Flight Operation Inspector & Other. These bespoke training packages can be delivered in the UK or at a client’s international location. RH6 0YR <> This training course will include the following topics: By the end of the course, through a combination of structured lectures, multimedia presentations, case study discussions, workshops and syndicate group activities, delegates will have acquired the core skill sets required to perform a flight operations inspecting role in the regulatory environment (being UK- or internationally-based). x��R�nT1���U��:ˤ� v�H�E�a7h$���e�)���g�������V�s����P�F�68[�M�բ@+Vk\o3ݥ�2p{���^����i� %�쏢 <> We use cookies on our website and have placed these on your computer. 13 0 obj Profil de compétence d’un inspecteur vol FOI. The notification is for recruitment of Flight Operation Inspector. Flight Operation Inspector. Designed and developed by practising Senior Flight Operations Inspectors, it is aimed at people working within both a regulatory and operational environment. The course will equip you with the core knowledge and competencies to work towards and assess compliance with the applicable regulations. Please ensure you have your company VAT number available when booking. Operations Inspector is responsible for certification and maintaining continuous safety oversight of the operational aspects of Air Operators certificate holders (AOC) to ensure that operators meets requirements equal to, or better than, those defined by Jordan Civil Aviation Regulation (JCARs) in accordance with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs). ��Sw�߻�⃏�7�f��FP���[9���Jo��;��c>��c��+�륆^Ϲ���ί!��������LaO݅��c�_���ݼ��n���,�{�Ukg�9j��v�����^ﶹ-�����S���.��ָ"�>F]�]�8�n�W��>l��|�Jj�/���et˜]"[��>5�� ��Z�F_����ew~ܣ7���Qi���I_�;.�o%�U���s>��7��w��j�+RzG6��&��+�ޕ{)�1���Z���W� O�%r�T�����>|���?,[ �(���6��=�A�^~��H�I��G�iԞ����q[I������0w�hm|ޱ�+�KM��c)��0ҭJ,�A��\�΍p;�QA���6¤� � U#%A*7EA*7�:GE���:G���O廁?=�}^�qq~�I0/0����/� !�h¥� ���B �Ą$� Ġ1��$*� � ����#���?�oh�5{��]{�{�T%�)i����ߞ�5k��Ξ=�{��v���F�9��죛��x�n�V���������ob�������|�n�������ns����6o��������t���PRx���{KE�x�0&�nn��ĺ_�uO�K���'{�o��|w�C���|����n��L��޺x���g���z�:�m�������gݼ��k����������S)��G�?_{�oR�^w����R~�Qw�}�%���s�>����w�~K��}���׸���w���R E: international@caa.co.uk. Directorate General of Civil Aviation, New Delhi (DGCA) has published a recruitment notification (A-12024/01/2019-R-CEll) on 11/09/2020. The prestigious Assured recognition is a symbol of learning excellence and reassurance that professional training meets the…, CAA International (CAAi) has been awarded Corporate Partnership status on the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Programme. State of Registry of the aircraft if foreign r- egistered a copy of the lease agreement should This course is suitable for Inspecting staff within flight and ground operations, both in regulatory and industry positions. Flight Operations Inspector Theory Instructors, Evidence-Based Training (EBT) for Flight Operations Inspectors - Virtual Training. Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has published a recruitment notification (A-12024/10/2020). For additional information regarding VAT please click here. He has been operating short-haul and long-haul commercial aircrafts and has extensive experience in airline management. ǹ��!� D�]��a�L��M��Ă'�ܸ�����g��ᗳ/]�k�Ʒ?>[��+��� ��y �j��z�V����:|M��T����#��ZO����AH���Y����'y�Ҹ��E�Z�,�d, �5=��������i:ε$��ʁ܆>ڣ\'���HfdǙD Flight Operations is the management of aircraft operations and can be divided into four main areas:  Commercial Air Transport (CAT); Non Commercial Operations with Complex Motor-Powered Aircraft (NCC); Non Commercial Operations with other than Complex Motor-Powered Aircraft (NCO); and Specialised Operations (SPO) such as aerial survey or towing. Military registered Civil Owned Aircraft Oversight, Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Services, CAAi achieves City & Guilds Assured status, CAAi enters Corporate Partnership with ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Programme, CAAi to resume face-to-face training in October, CAAi to draft drone regulations for Thailand, EASA accredited course delivered by active UK CAA inspectors, Learn practical Flight Operations inspector skills, Theoretical and hands-on training through use of lectures, workshops and practical exercises, Legislation Overview and Practical Exercise, Maintenance Management and EASA Part M (Continuing Airworthiness), Part OPS / EU-OPS – Subpart J – Mass and Balance, Part OPS / EU-OPS – Subpart E – All Weather operations / RNAV Approvals and Part OPS / EU-OPS Subpart F, G, H and I – Performance, Part OPS/ EU-OPS – Subpart Q – FTL including MSM Process. stream 6 0 obj Here you will get the complete information about DGCA Flight Operation Inspector Recruitment online application form 2020. 19 0 obj We have applied a 5% discount on our virtual courses. • Spécialisé les questions techniques • Expérimenté sur tous les sujets abordés • Connaissances techniques très importantes • Professionnel confirmé • ………………………. Senior Flight Operations Inspector (Aeroplane) Jobs in Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in West Bengal Govt Jobs 2020 1. type of aircraft, communication and navigation equipment, instruments, equipment and flight documents to be used; 2. arrangements for maintenance and inspection of aircraft and associated equipment; 3. Since 2013 Russell has been working as a Flight Operations Inspector (FOI) for the UK CAA. 14 0 obj �r�b�`Y8�vP�{�E��ߚ���%���F�dO��H�����\���d���jd��c�@ѳ��/�7��i�CH"�.Ct���'M��B)��ĉ�SՅ̉"�gM�(^F�ϛV-8F��Z�Zѽ��Q��Qd,rO��c�Y�aHO]xw��&�Y�������A�]�h�?��W ��Fu���֬�E����ɝ�5-���ݛ.OpE3������ �6�. Flight Operations Inspector (Aeroplane) Jobs in Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in Delhi Govt Jobs 2020 450 This course focuses on the processes for ensuring and assessing compliance with European Community rules on Commercial Air Transport (CAT) operations. (more…), We are pleased to announce that we will reinstate our classroom training this October. If you do not wish to be reminded of this on each visit, please use the close button. endobj k���>��i�G�Ɋ���ű���>�PĨ˰���;��euc��X�1C���3��°�h��H��j��ͧAW�4�=p2P@�m��p�5�;3pKo����4t�Y����)�����']���*ەU-����e� .m��endstream �'f�XO�9M��(JL�j�w ��S���i~�s��a#R�WR�}q�XӮ�II��)�d��b�nɨdԶ�I S��c������'UO��ˍ�bCS�/��*:o�E&eV1E�N�\c˴�al\�C���Ń���t�O�>�ۋ"K�D��D��U5�E�smI�endstream

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