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Moving up the neck, and looking at the headstock. 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Dollar Gibson cj200,,,, Then I grabbed the Epiphone hummingbird pro,,the sound literally jumped out at me n exploded in tone,,it blew them all away. It has a short scale length which makes pushing strings easier. It also comes already set up and ready to play on, so you wouldn’t need to spend money to get professional set up. I appreciate that sounds quite negative, but Epiphone is still a Gibson company, and they’ll have sufficient brand management in place not to risk their reputation by using wood so cheap and awful that it sounds bad. It has woodgrain on the spruce top which is beautiful. Open voicing is easy to play too. In addition, it is such a fantastic device to learn. The reason the Hummingbird’s sound is so popular is how rounded it is. Well, check out this review of the Epiphone hummingbird pro solid top acoustic electric guitar. This guitar is comfortable to carry as it weighs just 2 pounds. Epiphone Hummingbird PRO … We think you are going to have to go a long way to get a guitar as good as this Epiphone Hummingbird Pro acoustic-electric guitar. With no stress on your hands. This guitar has a very vivacious sound when you hit those strings. We have compiled a list of features of this guitar just for you. In saying that, these Epis are made in Korea. Test: Epiphone Hummingbird Pro - Guitare Sèche, Le Mag #26 http://www.facebook.com/guitaresechelemag http://www.guitaresechelemag.com/ Looking at the neck and fingerboard, it com… Learn More About Us >>. When it comes to durability, this is the product for you as it is well built to withstand long hours of play. ), Review: ESP LTD M-17 (what does a budget seven-string guitar sound like?). That’s where iconic guitars come from: there’s never any mistaking the sight of a Hummingbird onstage. In more recent times, Epiphone have released the Hummingbird PRO, that takes the classic Hummingbird, and equips it with some electronics, so I wanted to take a look at that, compared to my old standard one. When you’re playing a show and you plug in your electro-acoustic, you’re mostly in the hands of the sound engineer, so some gigging advice: always be nice to them, get them a beer, and they’ll make sure you sound as good as possible! Hey! When Gibson buyer is shopping for tonewoods, and working out the distributtion for what’s going where, you can guarantee the cheaper cuts – e.g. This is also one of the key reasons why it’s great for an early intermediate guitarist, somebody who’s still finding their sound and exploring playing styles, where it could go any direction. The prettiest guitar in the world isn’t worth a thing if it can’t stay in tune! The height of the string is also adjusted to be just ideal to play on to prevent buzz sounds. I mean, it’s not bad, but it’s hardly going to be the same as the pure tone of hearing it straight up, or even miced up with a decent microphone. Read this review and it will help to decide. It has great tuners too. The better ones will be going to the US for Gibson guitars. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that it’s the aesthetics that make the Hummingbird an attractive guitar. Epiphone hummingbird pro guitar is very solid and durable. The frets look great, with a very tidy finish. The neck joint is a traditional affair, and there are no scratches, blemishes or unsightly glue residue around it. So finally, if you are a learner and want a lightweight guitar to have fun this one will be certainly a great choice. Again, it’s good that Epiphone opted to get specialists in such matters in for this. The Epiphone hummingbird pro solid acoustic/electric guitar is a beautiful piece of a stringed instrument that is designed for comfort and daily playing. It’s got a nice shiney finish, and that lovely new guitar smell! In doing this Epiphone Hummingbird P… This Guitar comes with a small diameter neck which makes it very easy to finger. With the Hummingbird PRO, one of the key features it sells itself on is its electro-acoustic functionality. It comes with well-charged batteries which are easily replaceable after use. I have been playing the electric guitar on and off since 1978, I finally decided to buy my 1st acoustic guitar. This website was started by me as a hobby and a platform. Even without an amplifier, the sound is still great, clear, and bright. There’s a simple truss rod cover, and the usual crown inlay in the middle. Furthermore, this review aims to give buyers a fair knowledge of the features of the Epiphone hummingbird pro solid top acoustic/ electric guitar. They’re a brand that have managed to successfully keep up with the increase in quality from the eastern-made guitars that’s happened on the pat 10 to 15 years. I was happy with the playability of the Hummingbird. A sitka spruce top on an acoustic guitar is as standard as standard can be, and there’s nothing exciting or outstanding about the use of mahogany and rosewood for the sides, neck and fingerboard either. When plugged to an amplifier the sound and music just come alive. This guitar has D’addario strings, and the flowers are well imprinted on it so it won’t wear off with intense play. This guitar is great for both home and stage play. I love the sound of the Hummingbird. This guitar is set to Gibson specs. This guitar makes playing the F chord seem very easy. They’re a brand that have managed to successfully keep up with the increase in quality from the eastern-made guitars that’s happened on the pat 10 to 15 years. Review: Epiphone Hummingbird PRO – is it right for you? The finish of the guitar is very smooth. The Grover tuners all look spot on, and giving them a jiggle and a poke with my finger, they don’t budge in the slightest. It’s got a nice shiney finish, and that lovely new guitar smell! With this guitar the low strings are strong, the mid and the high strings are pretty great too. The Gibson version is massively popular for a reason with pro guitarists, and I really can’t see why those of us on a budget would be in any way disappointed with the results from Epiphone’s version. Epiphone Hummingbird PRO is a very popular and one of the more expensive options. As a result, the feel is comfortable. It’s probably because of that, that it also became my main songwriting guitar. Ok so a few people I've talked to either hate or love the hummingbird, and my local shop in town doesn't carry the dove. Your email address will not be published. It’s got looks, comfort and sounds. As a result, the feel is comfortable. This guitar makes it easy to play a lot of chords. Also, it pitches really well. This guitar can hold a tune for a long time. Buy it n don’t look back. Epiphone have never had an issue with construction quality, and the Hummingbird PRO is no different. This guitar comes pre-tuned to E flat. And the cherry sunburst finish! Its big mellow, warm sound has also made it a staple part of any recording that required the presence of an acoustic guitar. It has a well-balanced tone. Both the professional players and those who are still in the learning phase will find this device amazing. Guitars like this will always lose some of the character of their natural acoustic sound when you plug them in. The Epiphone hummingbird pro solid acoustic/electric guitar is a beautiful piece of a stringed instrument that is designed for comfort and daily playing. Every guitarist, so matter how cool they think they are, needs to have at least one acoustic guitar in their arsenal.

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