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Unformatted text preview: ACTIVE LEARNING TEMPLATE: Nursing Skill Agboryong Ndipenoch STUDENT NAME_____ Ear irrigation SKILL NAME__Performing _____ REVIEW MODULE CHAPTER_____ Description of Skill ear irrigation is a routine procedure used to remove excess earwax or cerumen and foreign materials from the ear Indications —too much earwax or hardened earwax can cause a blockage in the ear … 2009;34(4):14-19. * any unusual findings. For example, staff in our organization have reported finding unexpected items such as an artificial nail, a hearing aid battery, a pea, an eraser, and popcorn kernels in patients' ear canals. Our organization recognized that it needed to follow a consistent process to decrease the risk of harm and enhance patient safety. Before performing ear irrigation, obtain a healthcare provider's order (if an organizational requirement) and a comprehensive patient health history. COVID-19 transmission: Is this virus airborne, or not? 2012;(65):74-76. ear drops. Pract Nurse. A formal documentation process for adverse reactions or complications is now provided to staff through online education, but we have no baseline data for comparison. [Context Link], 17. Ear Irrigation Guideline INTRODUCTION CERUMEN MANAGEMENT Cerumen, or wax as it is commonly known, is a normal secretion of the ceruminous glands in the outer meatus. EAR IRRIGATION PROCEDURE . American Association of Medical Assistants. New employees with varying degrees of experience and education about ear irrigations were being trained by RNs and medical assistants (MAs) (see Defining terms), who also had varying levels of skill and practical experience. Rawles Z. View Ear Irrigation.pdf from NURS 251 at Harrisburg Area Community College. Doctors sometimes perform this procedure, but people can also try it at home. (3) Clinicians may use manual removal requiring instrumentation in the management of cerumen impaction. Whether complications were underreported due to a lack of process or weren't occurring at all couldn't be determined. McCarter DF, Courtney AU, Pollart SM. Ear irrigation is usually painless. View PDF; Request Permission; Print Article; Source: Nursing2020. Clinical practice guideline: cerumen impaction. Providers, RNs, and MAs needed evidence to support guidelines on pretreatment, range of water temperature, limitation of water volume, and assessment after ear irrigation. Warmed versus room temperature saline solution for ear irrigation: a randomized clinical trial. 2012;76(12):1840-1843. 741 0 obj <>stream View Ear Irrigation.pdf from NURS 251 at Harrisburg Area Community College. This method is more effective than irrigation alone.1,4,10 Point the syringe tip superiorly and posteriorly toward the upper back of the canal wall.11,16 This technique bounces the water off the upper canal wall and behind the cerumen, sending the cerumen down and out the canal. ��2��d���Ȕd100�&���� � +�� But, it will only works if the plug of earwax has been softened by following the instructions for olive oil drops as above. Ear wax removal interventions: a systematic review and economic evaluation. 2008;139(3 suppl 2):S1-S21. Failure to identify contraindications can lead to inappropriate irrigations, sometimes resulting in suboptimal care or harm.1 For example, ear irrigations aren't advised for patients with a history of ear surgery or previous tympanic membrane perforation; these patients should be referred to an otolaryngologist instead.7, Also consider the frequency of the patient's ear irrigations. Purposes . Standardizing ear irrigations defined a clear list of duties and competency in which patients are appropriately assessed for contraindications, decreasing the potential for harm. When the normal evacuation process is hindered, cerumen may accumulate in the ear canal, making visualizing the canal difficult or impossible. 2008;22(43):45-48. Also check for any contraindications to the procedure. Cerumen management requires skill, knowledge, and a cautious approach. Cerumen accumulation can be asymptomatic, but it can also cause problems such as impaction, hearing loss, pain, dizziness, and tinnitus.1,4-6 When excess cerumen is asymptomatic and the tympanic membrane doesn't need to be visualized, the cerumen may clear without any intervention;1 however, removal should be considered for patients who can't express symptoms, such as those who are cognitively impaired,2 or who are symptomatic. BridgingHealth.com.au | @nursehelms BridgingHealth.com.au | @nursehelms sli.do#EAR Outline Approaches to Management Procedure Red Flags and When to Refer Purpose Clinical Governance History and Examination … This necessitates ear irrigation. Nurse Pract. Warm and test the solution. 2014;123(7):482-484. 0 2007;33(4):42-47. 1999;34(3):347-350. - April 21, 2012. Before implementing this program, a formal reporting process for procedural complications wasn't in place, and few complications were being reported. Jacobs C. Ear irrigation. Using the tools discussed here, RNs and MAs in our organization now perform ear irrigations confidently, safely, and effectively. The nursing council was asked to clarify the ear irrigation duties for RNs and MAs, develop a consistent process, and identify educational resources for staff. Mechanical jet irrigators consist of a reservoir for the irrigation solution, a handle with a tip that directs a steady pressurized stream of fluid into the ear canal, and a foot pedal to regulate fluid flow.

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