dark souls 3 high wall of lothric walkthrough

To the left is the main path that leads to a battle with a dragon. Wait until the last moment to duck around behind him and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get in a backstab. The dragon engulfs either the upper or lower area in flame depending on where you’re at. As you enter the building, be extremely cautious and look to the left to see movement in the shadows. It is through these series of small towers and ramparts that you’ll be traversing for now, as you head down a flight of stairs to the Bonfire for this area. High Wall of Lothric Dark Souls III Guide. Your reward for taking them out is at the top of the tower, a pair of Binoculars. Make sure he’s alone when you take him on, because this knight is no pushover. He also employs throwing knives, so close the gap and block his knife head on to take him out. Vordt will begin blasting super icy breath in a huge arc with surprising distance, starting at his left and ending on his right. The other door is covered by rubble - but you can still see what’s waiting for you on the other side: Trouble. You’ll enter via the Firelink Shrine into a small enclosed room, exit the room through the main door and gaze out across the vast stretch of ramparts that surround the city itself. It’s worth killing the other soldier sitting down by the end of the balcony - as he’ll start hurling firebombs when he wakes up, something you don’t want when tackling the opponents downstairs. If you went inside the building, you’ll find it conspicuously empty - with a chest on the bottom floor. A Hollow Archer is stationed up on a platform here looking down over the area, and had you come from another angle, he’d be taking potshots at you - so give him a nasty surprise. Look behind the ladder you came down on to enter the building you were on top of. Now it’s time to finally enter the foreboding plaza where the very rotund Winged Knight is patrolling. Now that the enemies are dealt with, quickly return back to the third floor and go down the long balcony to the very end, where you’ll find you’re able to drop down to the second floor balcony that is separated. As you leave the tower through the middle exit, be wary of two approaching Hollows that will try to ambush you if you distract yourself on the worshippers - one from the ladder, and one that hops over the railing. Be ready to defend from the left as a thief will jump out at you. He’ll repeatedly try to put distance on you when threatened, so make sure you have stamina enough to close the gap. This room contains another patrolling Lothric Knight - this one armed with a long spear. Post Comment. Defeating him will earn you the Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt (don’t use it to gain souls just yet!) If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Because of this, one of the better tactics you can employ is to get in his face, and more importantly his backside. From here, one door is locked for a small area unlocked later after speaking to a certain character, but there’s a ground floor exit leading to a prison. If you get near him, he’ll mutate into the same crazy beast that took over Gundyr, and that means he’ll be hitting just as hard and be just as difficult to read. If you can dodge their large sweeping attacks, you might get into prime position to unleash a backstab with the large openings these enemies leave. Look to the right of the bonfire, and right of the circling stairs to see a broken chunk of the rampart that looks straight over the next section of the wall. After exiting the Cemetery of Ash and once out of the Firelink Shrine, the player arrives at the higher ramparts of Lothric's walls. If you want a fighting chance, luring them up to the plaza one at a time may be your best bet. If you’re going for the far off items, consider making a mad jump off the balcony when the dragon starts his wave of fire. If you are able to outlast and carefully defeat him, you'll get a wonderful Deep Battle Axe that already comes infused with extra dark damage - a great early game damage dealer. Before braving the large courtyard beyond, it’s worth it to head up the stairs instead. He’ll also charge forth in an attempt to do a large overhand swing. Now you’ll have to make your way across the rooftops, which is riddled with more worshippers, and one in particular who is ready to mutate into another one of those monstrosities. Before you delve any further below, it’s time to reward your progress - head out the door on the right and up the stairs to find a new Bonfire, as well as a corpse in the corner holding a Titanite Shard. Make your way down the first set of stairs to find a new Bonfire ‘High Walls of Lothric’ to light. The door in front is sealed next to a corpse holding a nice Mail Breaker knife, so go right instead down the stairs and into another prison that holds a single captive. From here there are three paths - a small rooftop awning above the plaza holds a corpse with 3 Black Firebomb - just watch you don’t fall into the plaza where a giant Winged Knight is waiting. You can use the dragon to your advantage by allowing its flame breath to kill all of the enemies that stand in your way. In both locations this enemy spews fire, guarding passage through an area. One is an archer and the other a spear-and-shield wielder. From this initial tower, there are two sets of stairs leading down. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Once inside, note the soldier on the left, and another behind some crates on the right carrying a shield. You can drop down from above and take out the first enemy, and be ready to face the other as he rises. Enter the far doorway to find an elevator leading back up to the High Wall, where that locked door was to the right of the first bonfire - hooray for shortcuts! You can follow two paths from the Bonfire. Try luring the hounds up the stairs first before you attract the attention of the axe-wielder. 0. The dragon engulfs either the upper or lower area in flame depending on where you’re at. Don’t forget to loot the corpse on the left in the middle for a Soul of a Deserted Corpse. Finally, down the stairs where the Bone Hound was lurking is a Cell Key. Two Lothric Knights alternate walking near the edifice on the left, while others patrol the stairs down on the right.

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