craftsman garage opener flashes 5 times

Use a multimeter set to ohms (or continuity) and read red to white, blue to white and red to blue. The links below should help you diagnose this. Zermatt saved me a pretty penny with this fix. I too have created an account just to say "THANKS". Much quieter. I'm deciding between getting a 21" base cabinets (which are more $$ than standard 24") with an 11" overhang giving me 40 inches on the walkway side and 37" on working side or the standard 24" base cabinet which would only allow for a 9" overhang which I've been told is not enough. Turn the shaft of the motor to make sure it is free. I hope this helps. EXTERIOR - Wood replacement and repair (any dryrotted wood should be repaired to hinder termites damage they love soft wood. I have a question said your final island width is 31.5". Thanks everyone. Arts and Crafts has a variety of looks so, I zeroed in on the "organic, free flowing line" look because, it just appeals to me (nature and plants) and maybe is harder to do a combo then the geometrical and squared off look of Mission and other Arts & Crafts styling influences. Alright, throw my thankfulness in there too. I have a Liftmaster 1/3 HP and sensors are working, garage door goes down all the way, but then continuously goes back up. Unplug it. After researching the problem a bit, I located a cold (loose) solder joint on the logic board that seemed to be the culprit. Both transformers give an input 120v and output 6v instead of 24. I googled the problem and naturally found this post. Lubricated the nylon gears with spray silicone while I had the cover off, too. My garage door will work with the wall mount. Feeling accomplished and grateful! Cleaned with steel wool and re-soldered and all worked perfect after! - Check insulation - Fireplace chimney checked for integrity and repaired - Window glazing (really important) windows replaced or rehung -Prep wood (scrape all loose paint repair all soft wood and SEAL) before painting -Exterior paint/wood -Possibly Reroof - Select a floorplan for the front rooms to see if the door needs to be relocated. Get more answers from the people in your networks. We actually have some insulation up in the rafters, and the entire roof is covered with plywood and asphalt shingles. Tags . Where the wood is sistered the old beams should be cut back to the good wood and then fleshed out for cosmetic.) Your legacy lives on, as I had the same problem, right down to the same terminal with the cold solder joint. This time he quoted me $500 for the replace with new one (1/2 HP chain drive unit) including labor. Got the 5 blinks and nothing else, also the light went dead. Hanging Heavy Curtain Track from Garage Ceiling Joists? As I said, the biggest problem we are having with the roof is heat gain. The lift master door opener failed to operate suddenly after 17 years in use(the manufacturer label dated 01/00). Using rubber gloves and an insulated screw driver, (or, you can REMOVE THE LEAD from the meter and use the metal lead tip) touch one terminal wuth the back side of the metal part of the lead or screwdriver, then touch the other side of the metal lead to the other terminal (connecting the two). This post was edited by zermatt on Wed, Aug 27, 14 at 19:49, I have a 10 - 12 year old Craftsman that had this same issue (5 flashes on the panel LED, relay clicks but no open). Is there sensors on top the motor to garage door also? I know that it can be very difficult to have issues with your garage door opener. Craftsman Garage Door Opener Manual for 41A3624. I had the same type of problem. I have max 110" to work with from the counter edge of perimeter cabinets and sink to the opposite wall which like you is mostly a blank wall with no appliances to contend with. We were planning on re-roofing the house at the same time due to the addition of a skylight in the proposed bathroom. Typically the good flooring was put in the main rooms and the less expensive in the other rooms. The nylon gear looks in good shape except one the solder joint oxidized. Than I could not close it at all. Had the same issue with a 20 yr unit and thought it was too good to be true to fix it with such a simple solution. i re-soldered this connection and put everything back together. If the opener is operating normally, unplug the garage door opener then plug it back in to reset the flashing. The five flashes does mean that there is a miscommunication with the RPM sensor, but since you replaced it, then you made need to replace the logic board. Even so, I touched up any solder joints that looked the tiny bit suspect but still same 5 lights and hum sound. Got my new one for $26 including shipping. I tried clearing codes and re learning remotes but still the same. My mechanical skills are limited, but I gave this a go. aerospace) leaded solder is still a requirement given leaded solder is unlikely to exhibit this failure. Even the GFI outlet it was plugged into needed replaced. Did your husband build the base cabinets deeper than the standard 24"? BE CAREFUL NOT TO LET THE TERMINALS TOUCH ANY METAL ON THE WAY OUT. I couldactually see a gap all the way around the pin. Don't know if you are still receiving these, but add my astonished voice to the chorus of very grateful DIYers whose openers have been fixed based on your pix and advice about the bad solder joint. If you have a youtube channel I would be your first subscriber!. In my case there are 2 circuit boards. Kim. I also read that applying the radiant barrier directly to the deck could actually conduct heat into the house, making it hotter. This is why in many high reliability applications (e.g. As I was working on it, I also noticed that the motor would turn in the door open direction (up), but not the door close direction (down). Use a socket or flathead and loosen the strap, then pull the capacitor out. The ohms/continuity should read numbers or ring. I hope you like this grouping and just remember many other groupings of styles and looks are possible. I am an electrical engineer with a doctoral degree, and I was prepared to spend hours with fancy equipment, but I was expecting a bad component, not a bad solder joint and would never have found this problem. Find the Craftsman garage door opener code flashing on the motor unit and follow the troubleshooting steps listed in the chart below to fix the problem. All the solder joints looked good --- bright and shiny, but I figured there was no harm in resoldering the connection which you identified anyway. Thank You ! I assume this was limiting power to certain of the motors, and once reconnected, all is well. September 8th, 2009. Any ideas would be helpful, i moved the garage door opener from my old garage to new and it worked fine till now. :), I wanted to post to tell an alternate problem. Was able to revive my 20 year old Liftmaster Garage Opener by following these tips. For example, the Craftsman garage door opener troubleshooting for the light flashing 5 times may involve motor replacement if the door travels smoothly and the code appears after a single use.

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