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The civilian market for MREs has a lot of options available, and most will meet the nutritional and caloric needs of a person when access to conventional meals is not an option. Because you can survive by eating only one of those packets per day ... pretty much forever. That's a lot to pay for one meal. And believe me, the last thing you want is expired MREs messing up your stomach. Besides to our extended range of self-stable food, we also offer excellent homestyle Omeals meals for any outdoor adventures, created by outdoor lovers and entrepreneurs with leading industry knowledge and experience. Note: They probably didn't sit in the desert and are completely fine. 12 Meals + heaters per case. As you know, having a stockpile of NON-perishable food is a must for overcoming any kind of emergency. (To keep people from buying them by the truckload from military bases and reselling outside for profit.). When you use these meals, you can simplify your meal preparation and snacking to spend more time having fun. Military MRE Sales Restricted . Our hand-picked variety of MRE side dishes and MRE entrees are prepared for dispatch. Here are a few things you should know about shopping for civilian MREs. With the number of options available, you will be able to enjoy desserts and seasoning that you like and always have a tasty meal to eat. eBay sellers usually don't provide free shipping, which ends up jacking up the final price of your crate. Some companies cut costs on the calories of the meal. MREs are also critical for civilians and can be used for emergency stockpiling and use during disasters. Personally, I prefer Amazon over eBay for two reasons: Amazon's FREE shipping is important because these huge boxes are heavy. I was confident that there would be at least something. Now with COVID-19, it’s harder than ever to find quality, reasonably-priced MRE boxes. The latest report I've seen puts the price of one packet at $8. 6 different flavors + desserts included. Usually at around 900 kcal per packet. Feel free to check the companies I linked to in the table above, but I wouldn't have my hopes up. You might end up paying closer to $100 per case from these guys but if you need some in a hurry, this is a good option. And MRE shelf life degrades FAST when they're stored in high temperatures. Enjoy Everything You’ll Ever Need All From the Same Place. If that's the case - the shelf life of the MRE will be reduced significantly. Backpacks Backpacking is a one-stop store where you can find civilian MREs for sale such as military mre meals from US top providers as XMRE. Cheap MREs are often sold at gun shows. You won’t need any of it with the range of self-heating meals from us. If I were to buy MREs at gun shows, I would only buy from someone that I can trust. Until then, Amazon remains my #1 choice for online MRE shopping. Your email address will not be published. This is why you should consider adding an MRE to your hiking and camping gear. U.S. Military Surplus (Amazon, Single Meal), Ready America 70180 Emergency Kit / Backpack, Life Emergency Food, Water & Thermal Blanket, Amazon remains my #1 choice for online MRE shopping, 12 Best / Most Powerful Air Pistols Reviewed [CO2, Pellet, BB & PCP], 12 Best Infrared Thermometer Guns 2020 Reviewed [For Humans, Medical, Body Temperature/Fever], 8 Best Glock 19 Holsters Reviewed 2020 (IWB, OWB, CCW & Open Carry), 6 Best Pistol Red Dots / Reflex Sights [Reviewed 2020], Cheap Bulk MRE Meals Online - Where To Buy? This article is about how and where you can buy cheap MREs online. The prices between Amazon and eBay are about equal, give or take a few dollars. That the box will last exactly as long as it's promised to. Problem solved. The thing with military MREs is that you don't know how they've been stored before. Single MRE packets are regularly selling over $12 per portion. They sell cheap MREs... that have less than 1200 calories. 1200 calories per meal. These meals have also been designed to offer a long shelf-life which is much greater than anything you will find in the grocery store. High volume orders will also generally benefit from bulk pricing which will make your stockpile cheaper to create. But last I checked, their MREs were more expensive than the military boxes you can get from Amazon. 2. And while dirt-cheap MREs do exist... they are hard to find. You should still check latest MREs on Amazon, as new MRE boxes are hitting the market all the time. And today I'm sharing the results with you. Civilian type of MREs from not less famous trademark Eversafe MREs. Up to a twenty-five year shelf life. I've never seen price breaks for large quantities of individual flavors. 3. eBay: On eBay, you can find civilian MREs as well as easily as you can find military MRE’s. They're not going to sell it to you for less unless they really have to. But it's not always obvious. More specifically, we're going to get to the bottom of the following questions: If you're short on time, below are two vendors I found that sell cheap MREs. That's not a bad thing since it saves you money. You should also use a supplier that does not use any unknown third-party vendors. (sure - you'll be hungry - but you'll survive). You know, a hidden prepper store somewhere on the internet. I've seen claims that you can find cheap MREs for sale at a military base commissary. Which is not so cheap compared to the boxes you see going online. Whether you enjoy climbing, mountaineering, trekking or any other outdoor activities at some point you need to reenergize and what is the better way than having a homestyle hot meal to boost the morals in middle of nowhere. You will also be able to heat up the meal using the heater that comes with it. The cost will add up fast, especially if you're stocking up and buying a lot. And keep in mind that the price is not always that low. What's the best place to find MRE meals for sale cheap? As for Civilian MRE manufacturers, there used to be a few companies running good MRE sales a few years ago. The price for these meals will vary depending on the supplier and the options that you choose. Patented heating technology and typical homestyle flavor ensure you can have nutritious and delicious meal wherever and whenever you go. Usually, you'll see them sold at about the same price as eBay or Amazon. It is important that you get an MRE with a published production date because this will make them more trustworthy. You either pay top dollar for the individual meals or take what's offered in the bulk. Which kind of defeats the purpose of going there in the first place. Balanced nutrition diet has lots to do with any outdoor activities performance. Hotline: 1-877-226-xxxx When you have a supply of MREs, you will be able to withstand any situation. Can I choose which MREs come in the bulk MRE box? Genuine U.S. Military issue MREs will have on their packaging: Civilian MRE's will not bear this information. To Summarize: Contrary to popular opinion, you won't find cheap MREs at the commissary. Storing the MRE at a cooler temperature will help them last longer. Maybe they sat in the desert for 6 months. They come with flameless heaters and usually have a better taste selection than civilian MREs. I've seen them go as low as $4 per packet, but there's a catch... Who knows where those MREs have been stored before. This ensures that you will have an extended shelf life for all of the food in the meal. The MRE was the brainchild of the United States military and the Department of Defense, so all service personnel was able to eat full meals and snacks while training or in a combat situation. You can usually tell from the name that your MREs are "light". MREs are one the best, nutritious, longest-lasting, and tastiest survival foods you can get. Get yourself a basic propane camping stove (that you should have anyway) and you're set. Some boxes will ship without flameless MRE heaters - that's how they cut costs. There are a variety of different choices for MREs including the type of entrée, drinks, snacks, and desserts. There are many recreational adventurers who also find MREs to be extremely helpful. Includes Western Frontier's Inspection Certificate with Pack Date. Required fields are marked *,, eBay and Amazon are the cheapest places to buy MREs online. As the name suggests, you will be able to eat them at any time directly from the packaging as they are in functional and easily-stored containers. A simple price comparison I ran a couple of months ago. However, you can expect an MRE to last around 5 years or up to 7 years in the right circumstances. These situations include backpacking, camping, 72-hour kits and emergency supplies. The MRE will be precooked and self-contained which means that you do not have to refrigerate them. If the seal & phrases are not on the box, it's not a genuine military MRE. Civilian type of MREs from not less famous trademark Eversafe MREs . All of this planning is not easy and most of the time quite heavy to carry in your backpack.

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