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The leaf blade can be green or reddish in color; the leaf stalks are usually white, or a colorful yellow or red. Learn more. Option 1. Chard was first described in 1753 by Carl Linnaeus as Beta vulgaris var. Swiss chard, is often referred to as 'silverbeet' or 'whitebeet' because it is related to the beet family. vulgaris, Cicla Group and Flavescens Group) (/tʃɑːrd/) is a green leafy vegetable. Why not have a go at them together. cicla (L.) W.D.J. beet lacking swollen root; grown as a vegetable for its edible leaves and stalks. [2], Chard, like other green leafy vegetables, has highly nutritious leaves, making it a popular component of healthy diets. Koch var. When chard is boiled, vitamin and mineral contents are reduced compared to raw chard, but still supply significant proportions of the DV (table). All our dictionaries are bidirectional, meaning that you can look up words in both languages at the same time. While the leaves are always green the chard stalks vary in colour. vulgaris. July 22, 2011 • Salty The Armenian community in Lebanon has always fascinated me; I had Armenian friends in school, an Armenian dentist, knew Armenian musicians, carpenters, artists; we lived side by side, yet they spoke their own language and wrote in Armenian, a language that seemed mysterious, with letters that could not be deciphered even … [3] Raw chard has low content of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and dietary fiber.[3]. It was first cultivated by the Romans and is known by a number of common names such as Swiss Chard, Silverbeet and Mangold. Chard is considered to be one of the healthiest vegetables available. (vegetable: type of beet) (نوع من الخضراوات) سِلِق : Chard is one of Janet's favorite leafy green vegetables. Chard or Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris subsp. Some attribute the name to it having been first described by a Swiss botanist, either Gaspard Bauhin [12] or Karl Koch[13] (although the latter was German, not Swiss). "Silverbeet" redirects here. 'Rainbow Chard' is a mix of colored varieties that is often mistaken for a variety unto itself. Particularly popular in Italian food, it's often featured in pasta dishes, in risotto, and even on pizza.While Swiss chard may be the best known, it comes in a variety of colors, including red and golden chard. The two rankless cultivar groups for chard are the Cicla Group for the leafy spinach beet, and the Flavescens Group for the stalky Swiss chard. Clusters of chard seeds are usually sown, in the Northern Hemisphere, between June and October, depending on the desired harvesting period. The origin of the adjective "Swiss" is unclear, since this coastal plant is not native to Switzerland. Chard belongs to the chenopods, which are now mostly included in the family Amaranthaceae (sensu lato). cycla (L.) Ulrich, B. vulgaris subsp. Sel2 chard is quite similar to spinach and the two are often interchanged in many local recipes. [7] Its taxonomic rank has changed many times, so it was treated as a subspecies, convariety, or variety of Beta vulgaris. Chard or Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris subsp. Option 3. [2] The red-ribbed forms are attractive in the garden, but as a general rule, the older green forms tend to outproduce the colorful hybrids. [3] Chard has been used in cooking for centuries, but because of its similarity to beets and vegetables such as cardoon, the common names that cooks and cultures have used for chard may be confusing;[4] it has many common names, such as silver beet, perpetual spinach, beet spinach, seakale beet, or leaf beet.[5][6]. Learn more in the Cambridge English-German Dictionary. Koch var. ترجمات رئيسية: الإنجليزية: العربية: chard n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. vulgaris, Cicla-Group and Flavescens-Group) (/tʃɑːrd/) is a green leafy vegetable. flavescens (Lam.) Translation for 'chard' in the free English-Arabic dictionary and many other Arabic translations. Blog Swiss chard and tahini beoreg. In the cultivars of the Flavescens-Group, the leaf stalks are large and often prepared separately from the leaf blade; the Cicla-Group is the leafy spinach beet. By looking at example sentences with the word Chard, you can easily learn the use of Chard in English sentence. Chard can be harvested while the leaves are young and tender, or after maturity when they are larger and have slightly tougher stems. Everything you need to know about life in a foreign country. - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar. [8] The accepted name for all beet cultivars, like chard, sugar beet and beetroot, is Beta vulgaris subsp. It is often used in Mediterranean cooking. One thing is for sure, a flavorsome stuffing of just the right amount of rice and herbs makes for a great recipe. For the album by The Bats, see, "Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Chard per 100 grams, USDA National Nutrient Database, version SR-21", Forget Hip Kale, Get Your Green Fix From Swiss Chard,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 November 2020, at 13:11. The Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris var. cicla) we find in our markets, with its long white stems, is prized by Mediterranean cooks for flavoring soups and rice dishes.Swiss chard is a popular vegetable in Provence, in fact the queen of vegetables in Nice, and is grown abundantly in the districts around the Rhône valley because it can withstand cold weather, and is harvested up until the frost. vulgaris (Leaf Beet Group), B. vulgaris subsp. Fancy a game? It was first cultivated by the Romans and is known by a number of common names such as Swiss Chard, Silverbeet and Mangold. [15] The raw leaves can be used like a tortilla wrap. Have a look at our English-Portuguese dictionary. maritima. [14] Raw chard is extremely perishable. When daytime temperatures start regularly to attain 30 °C (86 °F), the harvest season is coming to an end. Or learning new words is more your thing? The Swiss adjective comes from a Swiss botanist who studied the plant. cicla. Chard, Arabic, Organic. swiss chard . Fruits and Vegetables. Swiss chard, or in arabic "salq" or sal' in egyptian arabic, grounds the taro root to a tasty base. Chard is used in traditional Swiss cuisine, however, namely in a dish called capuns from the canton of Grisons. ... the seasonal fruit we all hate peeling is known as Prickly Pear in English. Cultivars of chard include green forms, such as 'Lucullus' and 'Fordhook Giant', as well as red-ribbed forms such as 'Ruby Chard' and 'Rhubarb Chard'. ... an edible leafy vegetable. Arabic I like the yellow banana. Chard is a spring harvest plant. Useful phrases translated from English into 28 languages. Chard is a dark leafy green vegetable common in Mediterranean cuisine. [15], In a 100-g serving, raw Swiss chard provides 84 kilojoules (20 kcal) of food energy and has rich content (> 19% of the Daily Value, DV) of vitamins A, K, and C, with 122%, 1038%, and 50%, respectively, of the DV. Koch (Cicla Group), B. vulgaris subsp. vulgaris (Leaf Beet Group), B. vulgaris subsp. Chard, Arabic, Bulk, Organic Chard is considered to be one of the healthiest vegetables available. Chard is a biennial. [9][10] They are cultivated descendants of the sea beet, Beta vulgaris subsp. [15] Chard leaves and stalks are typically boiled or sautéed; the bitterness fades with cooking. Did you know? In the Northern Hemisphere, chard is typically ready to harvest as early as April and lasts through May. Swiss chard definition: 1. a vegetable with large, dark green leaves and white stems 2. a vegetable with large, dark green…. vulgaris (Spinach Beet Group), B. vulgaris subsp. Flourishing this week in the garden with our cherished spring rains, having overwintered with ease like Italian parsley, also a biennial—is chard. Harvesting is a continuous process, as most species of chard produce three or more crops. There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Chard in Urdu is سفید چقندر, and in roman we write it Safaid Chakandar. swiss chard in Arabic translation and definition "swiss chard", English-Arabic Dictionary online. cicla (L.) W.D.J. Koch (Flavescens Group), B. vulgaris subsp. Fresh chard can be used raw in salads, stirfries, soups or omelets. vulgaris (Swiss Chard Group)). All rights reserved. (Some of the numerous synonyms are Beta vulgaris subsp. long succulent whitish stalks with large green leaves. Do you want to translate into other languages? Thank you!Copyright © IDM 2020, unless otherwise noted. cicla L., B. vulgaris var. Stuffed vine leaves are a very popular dish in Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern cuisine. more Show declension of Swiss chard ( ) Fruits and vegetables names in arabic and english pdf - Term 1 Arabic. [3] Also having significant content in raw chard are vitamin E and the dietary minerals, magnesium, manganese, iron, and potassium. You can find words like Chard from dictionary in multiple languages like Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French and other languages. Use this vegan stuffed chard recipe for other vegetables. Option 2. This Arabic Chard variety is well adapted to local growing condition.

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