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While Heliod may be God of the Sun, his reputation, deep insecurities and low impact in a Commander game cast more shade on him than anyone else in the pantheon. Even then, Erebos, the god of the dead, is jealous, and sends his servants out into the world to retrieve those who escape his grasp. Akros Tall, dark, and the epitome of handsome value, Erebos will always see you through. Playing Theros did more than dispel my fears: It convinced me to pile almost thirty cards to add for Commander. Her CMC is 2BWU, and her ETB trigger creates two 1/1 cats with lifelink and trample. It's a targeted card that seems destined for Standard tables for the next year as a way to specifically strike blue. Any land that can make more than one mana is a good land. Agent of the Fates assuaged my concerns that heroic needed too many spells to be used to great effect. I like that Andrew likes Burnished Hart as much as I do, and if you're playing Hart then getting to a monstrous Colossus of Akros doesn't seem so far off for any color of deck. A vast region of Theros was once ruled by the tyrant Agnomakhos, an immortal archon. In monocolored decks this will be clearly a powerhouse ramp card. While he does hit hard once he’s a creature, his abilities still leave a lot to be desired. I love it to death. Hard pass. Posted in Top Decks I love lands, and I love that you love lands too. We’ll see how these Gods fare in Theros: Beyond Death! Sophisticated, enterprising and wise, Ephara is the kind of God who has her stuff together. Erebos is the God of the Dead and is in charge of the Underworld. The reasons it's showing up in Standard today sound like the same reasons many of you are adding it to Commander decks: Today, in shocking news: Magic players like drawing cards in every format ever. For three generic mana and one green, she can boost the overall strength of one of your creatures by +2/+2 (which is enough to add muscle definition, but not complete swoleitude). Monstrosity seemed sweet but expensive. The second card I'm most interested in adding to my decks is Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. When he’s not talking your ear off about his most recent Medium article, he’s helping expand your hand size and your brain with his insights. Radiating pure Dad energy, Iroas will gladly coach your kid’s softball team, build a cross-fit gym in the garage, and bring celery snacks for everyone (negative calories!). While surprisingly versatile on the battlefield, Klothys can be a high maintenance partner to have around. All gods have a mechanic that either makes them difficult to destroy or allows them to recur. While it is important to treat these Gods with reverence and awe, the holiday season does inspire us to curl up with some cocoa, a few soft blankets, and a special someone to watch “Love Actually” for the 58th time. 5 Fun Partner Combinations in Commander Legends, 5 New Historic Decks with Kaladesh Remastered, Commander Legends Upgrade Guide: Reap the Tides, Commander Legends Upgrade Guide: Arm for Battle. Making your opponents sacrifice a creature or lose two life is a small, short-sighted price to pay, and you deserve a partner who can play the long game without showing off his Krav Maga moves. I love lands, and I love that you love … Some are very cheaply costed for their power level but have mechanics that restrict their usefulness unless a certain condition is met. Mogis is a rather single-minded deity, focused on the thrill of the kill. 8 Mountain Though she’s a bit protective of her weapons these days, Thassa is a God that looks out for your best interests and clears a path for your creatures. ", "My friends all play blue so I know it's going to work", 200 word limit to describe the cards and approach, Name and email required (non-personal information to be used in column). That's a really good thing to say about the set, too. The two of you might have amazing chemistry on the battlefield, but the amount of hate you’ll draw from your Commander opponents will make you drop him like he’s hot. Akmon, Hammer of Purphoros . While some folks might enjoy the idea of gambling with chance, Keranos’s lack of consistency makes him great for a reality show, but maybe not long-term material. Fearful, Heliod struck Elspeth down in her moment of triumph, casting her into the Underworld to be forgotten. The Card Image Gallery is updated every day with the latest card previews. He is the embodiment of … Any Grixis deck worth its salt doesn't care if a card ends up in the graveyard or hand. These are the non-legendary cards I'm trying out in Commander: There's no shortage of two-color lands that come into play tapped, but there are only a few that come with benefits like those in Theros. Based on his treatment of Gideon and Elspeth, Heliod is only looking out for his own interests – partners and champions be damned to hell (literally). Welcome to Theros! low and go up from there! She is also a co-host of the Vorthos comedy podcast, “The Loregoyfs,” and she comprises a full 25% of The Felidar Guardian (specifically the right hand, left ear and both scapulas). Copying others' spells for them seems like a new way enhance what Group Hug decks already do in multiplayer. Another card I wasn't expecting to see come through as often was Mistcutter Hydra. Whatever you like to do, and whichever commander you choose, Theros is packed with opportunity and options. Emotional Availability encompasses each God’s ability to provide support during hard times, in your relationship and on the battlefield. Klothys’s perfect date will always be a trip to Ikea’s storage section, though a venture to your local yarn store might be a great runner-up. Dating Athreos is a bit like dating your local toll collector. While she might not be happy about sharing sweaters with you, it’s great to have a partner who is clear about their boundaries. As Erebos is the boss of the former, you can always rely on him to give you a good time while making sure your opponent’s life totals don’t outshine yours. Theros Beyond Death is here, and…, The release of Commander 2017 is nearly here, and with these four decks will come…. Sure, he’s kind of cute for the five seconds you see him during your work commute. It's an innocence many of you plan to prove misplaced. Nylea is the ultimate Yoga Mom, inspiring responsible hunters everywhere to use their toned arms effectively either in the forest or studio. Funny this question should be asked, as I have already written an article about it on my Tumblr.

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