alfalfa hay for sale near me

Alfalfa Bales for Sale. 4x4 and 3x4 bales. 1st and 2nd crop alfalfa in 3x3 and 3x4 bales. 80/20 Orchard to Alfalfa Beardless wheat sq bales High quality horse hay. Good Quality. Now i got this alfalfa for sale. String wrap. Beautiful first cutting alfalfa hay. 2-twine bales in 21 bale bundles. You won't find better feed for the price! 21 Bale Bundles Baled into 3x3x8 bales. 573-642-6395, 2nd cut Small bales of alfalfa in 14 bale bundles. I have two different kinds of horse quality hay from Colorado. $10.00 per... Alfalfa/ orchard sq bales excellent horse hay Leafy bales. call 402-440-1063. Straight Alfalfa Hay from kentucky. Contact Caleb 330 231 3347 Excellent Horse quality hay, FIRST AND SECOND CUTTING ALFALFA/ORCHARD PUT UP DRY NEVER WET. Bales 150 left will deliver for 10 if you take the whole 150, Extremely leafy and only 17% moisture. Southern Colorado hay. Call us at Wise Bros. Inc. today! Grass mix no rain. Texas "The Lone Star State" - State Capital Austin. Hand fed, free... GREAT NEW MEXICO ALFALFA HAY 2 WIRE BALES ABOUT 65 POUNDS PER BALE, FINE STEM AND GREAT LEAF, FLAKES APART PERFECTLY.... Quality Colorado alfalfa hay for sale by the semi load or by the bale. very clean field 1st cutting alfalfa. RFV 168 186. Has been tested. Grass also available. Low moisture content. 21 bales in a bundle. Never raked to avoid dusty hay. please contact Lori at 253-355-2679, 4th cutting horse quality Stored outside. 4th and 5th will be available soon. Good Clean Hay Barn Stored FINE STEM TONS OF LEAF 70 POUND SOLID BALES. 1st and 2nd cutting Cathy - 307-674-6748. Big bales, 3X4X8. put up with no rain on it. I am heading towards Odessa/Midland in the morning (Thursday the 9th) and I can deliver hay if needed. We have approx 4000 large 4x4 squares for sale. Alfalfa and Orchard grass. I have alfalfa orchard grass and kora fescue mix. 18% moisture. Alfalfa Hay Bales for Sale | Near Me. $150/ton 1st - 3rd cuttings alfalfa. Bales average 1550lbs. Bales average 1600lbs. 3rd cutting net wrapped alfalfa bales. Horse quality. • Your equipment I HAVE VERY GOOD NEW MEXICO ALFALFA HAY. 4x5 bales approx 1100lbs. A BALE. bales weighing 52-56 lbs. 620-326-1099 for more information! Alfalfa 80%,Orchard Grass 20%,Square bales,50#,2 strings,Very clean, no weeds.4th cutting, 3x3 50/50% mix Alfalfa/Orchard Small squares $135.00 a ton. Alfalfa Round bales. *NO RAIN ON HAY, Roughly weigh 60lbs. Uncovered 2nd cutting. This is a second cutting. crude protein 14 23.4 protein. Moisture 12% High quality 4 th cutting fine stems Small Square Bales put up dry . I have 147 bales of second cutting and 59 bales of fourth cutting alfalfa for sale . *LAST CUTTING HORSE QUALITY, 4x5 Net Wrapped, Alfalfa/Orchard grass mix hay. 21.3 protein. James 509-750-4890, 2nd year planting alfalfa . Around 45 lbs. Will deliver. Premium hay, very green, leafy, fine stemmed, no weeds, irrigated 21.58 Crude Protein. Blister beetle free. Contact us at Differeny qualities available, all hay is small squares... BARN SUPPLY & LAST CUT OF THE SEASON: HAY IS IRRIGATED AND FERTILIZED Selling 3x3x8 Alfalfa/Mix bales of hay. Would be great horse feed. Alfalfa/grass mix (50/50 approximately) 65 lb squares of grass/alfalfa mix hay truckload quantities available.... We are heading today to Odessa/Midland to pickup parts for our business and can deliver hay if you need it. 19.8 protein. • $25 ton green chop or $75 ton baled Test results available on all hay. put up dry, Big round bales, twine wrapped 1,400lb average alfalfa put up dry. RFV ranges 160-230. 150.29 RFV. $150 a bale... Austin Texas Garden & House 150 $ Round Bales for Sale - $100 (Edinburg) Irrigated, Horse quality 3x4x8 squares, blister beetle free, stored outside, very good color.

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